Letv LeEco Le 2S Pro X720 Antutu Score First Unvelied


September is very important for most smartphone manufacturer, a new wave smartphones are coming to the market, besides Apple, Sony, Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, Letv and Meizu will also release its own new products. So September will be a very busy month. According to the current situation, Letv will hold press conference on September 6  or 7 to release Letv LeEco Le 2s and Le 2s pro. As you know, apple will also hold iphone 7 press conference.

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Today there is a netizen exposed a model Le X720 Antutu score screenshot. It shows up to 157,000. And according to the previous information of Antutu, X720 will be the new smartphone to come out soon, it will be powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, and Letv CEO, Feng Xing has also exposed Le 2s pro recently.


In addition, Letv is preparing for a lower version of Le 2s pro,and it will be powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, RAM 4GB, 8MP front camera and 16MP back camera, which will be Le 2s. And Letv has also posted in Weibo to release its latest teaser to show the new product with all metal body. Therefore, check what Letv bring us this time.


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