Letv LeEco le max 2 RAM 6GB ROM 64GB Smartphone review


Chinese smartphone manufacturer Letv has released some models in the past few years. They are dedicated to providing the ecological platform for its smartphones. They have launched three models continuously in its press conference. Today we will make the review about LeEco Le Max 2 RAM 6GB ROM 64GB version. It’s known that Le Max 2 is the first one to powered by Snapdragon 820 processor. We all are really looking forward to experiencing it. Let us enjoy it together. So how is the Le max 2 smartphone?


After getting Le Max 2, it’s amazing when we saw it. First it’s screen size and 2K screen to bring excellent experience. The other is the border-less ID 3.0 launch.


About borderless ID 3.0, Letv Max  2 side has been secondary spray processing. the dark color and black border form the visual extension.When you see Le MAX 2 from the side, you will fee the screen becomes larger.


The back of Le Max 2 stands out not because of its elements,but due to its symmetric, delicate and concise design to show its advantages and highlights. The back camera also looks outstanding. When you hold the Le Max 2 to make the call,  others will focus on your smartphone’s back camera. It also comes with fingerprint recognition under the camera.


About the camera stands out, some may think it’s easier to fall down and broke. But i like this kind of design. Right now many smartphones have started to make this design.


It’s worthwhile to note that Le Max 2 ‘s package has a soft silicone material, which is very sweet for users. We can’t save the money to buy a back cover case.

Le Max 2 owns IR infrared receiver, USB type C port and speaker of five-port design and microphone.


The feeling of pressing the buttons is very solid.


Although it’s a 5.7inch screen smartphone, we can still hold it in one hand and touch the screen freely. When it comes to gripping feeling, we have to mention Le Max 2 didn’t make big change in its design, but the arc of the back seems larger than before to bring more sleek design. So i hold it comfortably.


The main interface is very simple. We recommend the black interface to be compatible with borderless ID. The UI design is simple and clear. Drop-down menu will show the task of background, not show the shortcut bar which is different with Android customized UI. When you touch square, the visual button then you can get shortcut setting, and see the task interface at the same time. So the content and functions are very rich.


This time we get the Le Max 2 powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, RAM 6GB and ROM 64GB, the top performance is the best until now, especially those large screen lovers. You can see the Antutu test score is up to 130,000. Other specs are also top on the list.

Besides its high-end performance, how about its battery? Although Le Max 2 just has 3100mAh battery. We have tested it to find it supports 8 hours standby. And when we play games and watch video online, it didn’t reveal the over heating problem obviously, thanks to Snapdragon 820.




How about its quick charging?  Letv car charger is detached. It has dual USB type c cable. the plug is not folding. But the usb cable has only one usage easier to cause the problem of charging and transmission. We test quick charging from 20% power, after 50minutes, it charges 100%. We have charged 40% power in first 20 minutes which is very important, so we can use our phone again to avoid power off.


Let’s know its camera. we takes some photos about its camera. and you can see the nice balance control in color of Le Max 2 in photos. It also shows it vivid, real and comfortable. We also test in the room. It still behaves very natural. Whether taking photos in Sunlight or at night. Le max 2 gives us impressed.

In all, we nearly can’t find the shortcoming of Le Max 2 smartphone. Whether 2k display, 5.7inch screen, and other top specs, camera, battery, etc, we are very satisfied with it. This time, Letv has really made the big progress in its flagship smartphone. As for the price, it is most competitive right now. But for some users, you may think the screen size is a little large, but i have to say different people has various hobby.



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