Letv LeEco Le X920 or Le MAX 3 Smartphone Hands-On Images Unveil


Letv just now released a new smartphone, Le Pro 3 Dual camera AI edition, as the upgraded version of Le Pro 3, which has started the new area of smart AI. And in the past, Letv has met in trouble of financial troubles. That’s the reason why they slow down to release a new smartphone. Currently, we have heard that a new model, Letv LeEco Le X920 has been spotted online.

As you know, it is not the first time to leak Letv LeEco Le X920 news. But right now we can see some specs and hands on live images about Le X920. The device seems to have a front flash accompanying the selfie camera at the front. It is said that Le X920 smartphone will have 6.3 inch 2K screen, which is a large phablet like Le Max 2. Some netizens guess it will be Le Max 3 as the new upgraded version of Le MAX 2. Le X920 smartphone will sport dual back camera. It will have RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage, maybe powered by Snapdragon 835 or Snapdragon 821 processor, built in 3,700mAh battery.

It is said that Le X920 smartphone will launch next month. as you know, Le MAX 2 was released in April last year, they have released two flagships in 2016,  LeEco Le Max 2, and the LeEco Le Pro3. So LeEco Le X920 should be LeEco Le Pro4 or Le MAX 3. According to our experience, it will be very likely to be Le Max 3, a large phablet to compare with other smartphones like Xiaomi MI6, Oneplus 5, etc. So what do you think? Will Le X920 be Le MAX 3 or Le Pro 4?


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