Letv LeVR COOL1 VR Helmet Hands on Review


On December 23, Letv held a press conference. This time Letv’s partner becomes Lingjing releasing mobile VR before instead of Pico. It has published LeVR Cool 1 only compatible with Letv smartphone at 149YUAN, Compared Letv super helmet based on 3D home theater released by Letv in Sept, 2015,  Letv has entered into VR line officially this time.


Hardware products:

LeVR COOL1 is similar to Lingjing Xiaobai  from appearance , expect logo and color. Because Letv focuses on software, as for the hardware, it will benefit from the partner Lingjing.

LeVR COOL1 is the entry-level VR device for Letv smartphones, relying on outstanding operation ability and display performance of Letv smartphones, using its APP of Letv phones to realize immersive visual experience. So far, Le VR Cool 1 only supports Le 1 and Le 1 pro phone, which is a little regret. But Letv explained in order to obtain better experience, it will take much time on screen, chipset, etc to solve the problems of refresh rate and picture delaying.  If using the other phone, you will not get the best experience effect. Therefore, they need to make a little sacrifice so as to let the players enjoy better experience


LeVR COOL1, trendy design, enough high-tech device.

Special material aspherical optical resin lenses, effectively eliminate color aberration and vertical axis

Can be adjusted to adapt to the vast majority of the users (below 800 degrees of myopia, IPD: 58-70 – mm)

The design of view Angle of 90 degrees, both immersive and clarity

The lens anti-fog coating

Letv features:

Le VR needs to use “event horizon” APP of the phone to experience. For the first use, use bluetooth controller to connect VR helmet by phone. Then put the phone on the box, choosing the show to watch by bluetooth controller.

Letv is good at the ecological construction. So they launched the first VR video ecosystem from the hardware to software integration. Under this system makes top performance mobile platforms.of delaying only 19ms.


It has low power consumption, the distortion, the dispersion with exclusively domestic video VR UI, and reaches optimal optical system, including numerous panoramic films, the hottest 3d movies, and the panoramic  Live broadcasts. It can reach high definition playing and low delaying effect. Of course you need to have a good Internet to ensure this kind of effect.  Guess how large a HD movies it is to store?

Software Advantage

Anti distortion and anti dispersion treatment: geometric distortion correction, restore the original image

Low latency:  the system level deep optimization, delay less than 20 ms

Build VR user interface, customize to watch the virtual scene

Low power consumption

 In conclusion

In the current VR lines, the worst shortcoming is the content, Letv makes its best use of its advantage, although there is no features in its hardware, they know how to avoid the disadvantages. And they takes the great chance in this new line. It’s time to experience Letv LeVR Cool 1 with us.

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