Letv Released Letv Series 4 X55, X43, X40 TV with Mstar 6A938 CPU, RAM 3GB Today


Although today is the last day in May, zuk, Baofeng have released its products today, however, Letv has also held its press conference to announce its Letv  Series 4 X55 TV, which has been upgraded completely. Its body has reduced 36%, coming with metal frame.

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According to press conference, Letv X55 is the first one to be powered by the most powerful Mstar 6A938 processor, RAM 3GB and ROM 32GB internal storage, its 4K decoding function has been improved further. In its pictures quality, Letv X55 is equipped with 85% high color gamut, using 4k by color engine Pro, HDR, MEMC motion compensation technology, image color, light and shade, the color of screen quality and brightness, fluency has been improved larger than the last generation.



In audio aspect, Letv Series 4 X55 uses customized speaker with bass sinkage deeper, certified by the well-known brand Harman/Kardon. In addition, Letv X55 TV uses bluetooth 4.1 which can connect more devices with more stability.


Meanwhile, Letv has also released Letv Series 4 X43 TV and Letv X40 TV with 8.9mm ultra thin body. But they have no difference with Letv X55 in its hardware and functions..


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