LEVETOP T1 Review: GPS Brushless RC Drone with Camera 1080P For just $156 at TOMTOP in Flash Sale


LEVETOP T1 Drone is an ultraportable intelligent drone with an advanced GPS system. The built-in 1080P stabilized camera enables you to take aerial footage with high quality and it can follow and track you with its precise vision positioning system. It boasts a 20 minute flight time and a top speed of 33 mph.


LEVETOP T1 Drone weighs just 350 grams (.77 Lbs), boasts an impressive 20-minute flight time and beautiful sleek design, ready to take off at a moment’s notice. The smart drone has a unique, patented quadruple folding frame that allows users to launch the drone with one click on their smartphones and capture high-resolution 1080p photos within seconds. I don’t know what was imagined to create a unique shaped drone. Most drones currently circulating are elongated with 4 widened propellers. Departing from this, a unique shaped drone appears that is claimed to have high mobilization and is easily stored. Instead of being elongated, this one drone has a unique tube shape. The shape of the tube allows these drones to be stored and carried easily. Imagine you are carrying a thermos with a small bag, like that LeveTop T1 drone.

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The LeveTop T1 packs in an advanced GPS system, follow capabilities, Motion Control Technology so you can fly by tilting your smartphone, and an improved 5.8GHz Wi-Fi module as an optional extra. You can get a more basic model with smartphone control, but then you’re limited to 100m of range. The 5.8GHz module extends that and enables you to use standardized controllers with the drone instead of the smartphone app. It’s noob-friendly, with one-touch takeoff and landing capabilities. The included battery is rechargeable and removable so you can change it in seconds and be flying again. It has up to 20 minutes of flight time so you can grab the perfect shot with its stabilized 1080p camera. There’s also social sharing built-in to the app because those selfies won’t post themselves. Able to move with a maximum speed of 54 km / h in a 100-meter radius, LeveTop T1 can fly for 20 minutes and record 1080p @ 30fps quality video. Uniquely, because the radius is fairly close, LeveTop does not require a special console to be controlled. The control can be done completely with the help of applications on the mobile by relying on the virtual console on the screen. In addition, there is a motion control feature. This feature allows the drone to be controlled only by tilting the phone.


The LeveTop T1 owns distinctive shape different from another common drone that turns the sky into your creative canvas easily and without worry, with powerful 1080P 120° FOV camera, the drone makes creative aerial photography more accessible to users at all levels. It’s currently Sale on TOMTOP at $156 (100 pcs Only) in Flash Sale


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