LIECTROUX M7S Pro Vacuum Cleaner Discount Price at $164.99 [Coupon Deal]


Proscenic has been marketing its LIECTROUX M7S Pro robot vacuum since the beginning of the year, a top-of-the-range model that stands out for its charging base that automatically empties the collector.

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LIECTROUX M7S Pro is equipped with a 600ml dust collection container and a 200ml water tank. It also ensures multiple cleaning modes that combine or do not vacuum and floor washing. Among the modes that can be activated there are, in addition to the possibility of programming cleaning operations.

HEPA Filter

Operation is optimized thanks to the adoption of an articulated filter system capable of retaining even the smallest dust and allergens. A primary filter is flanked by a HEPA filter with a broad spectrum action: in this way, the powders remain in the large container and there is no risk that they will return to circulate in the environment.


LIECTROUX M7S PRO is a device that ensures a maximum suction power of 4,000 Pa and excellent autonomy (cleaning up to 110 minutes) thanks to the integrated 4,400 mAh battery. The floor cleaning vacuum cleaner integrates several sensors capable of “studying” the characteristics of the environment and memorizing the position of the recharging station.

24 Sensors

Covered with 24 sensors, it can handle the complex surroundings in your home, including a laser sensor that scans and locates the placement of objects in the house, cliff sensors scan and finds steps and stairs, anti-collision sensors that scan and report obstacles, etc.


The M7S PRO smart WiFi vacuum cleaner compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa proves to be an excellent choice, despite the particularly affordable price. Thanks to the software based on the use of artificial intelligence, the device moves in any environment without difficulty, even where delicate objects and stairs were present.

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