LIECTROUX ZK901 Review – LDS Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner at $299 From Gearbest


Liectroux ZK901 is the newest and most advanced robot vacuum cleaner from Liectroux Germany, equipped with 2 in 1 feature: vacuuming and mopping, especially the ability to navigate by laser. Liectroux ZK901 upgraded in 2020 to improve battery capacity and more powerful suction.

Buy LIECTROUX ZK901 From Gearbest


Liectroux ZK901 is designed with a strong design, elegant and luxurious colour with Lazer scanning eye cluster floating on the lower body. With the size 34 * 34 * 11 cm, it is very fit, beautiful and sure to make your house not only shiny but also decorated more modern and classy space. The design of Liectroux ZK901 equips with 3 effective cleaning times, 2 rubbish brooms, floor and sweeping tea brooms and a suction force of up to 3000Pa to help absorb small trash and fine dust in your home. 450ml large capacity water tank with precise electronic pump control & three- speeds regulation, uniform seepage water and dry fast, stop flowing water during charging, this robot realized the real intelligent cleaning!

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Liectroux ZK901 laser smart robot vacuum cleaner can scan the whole room through laser ranging and 360° radar to draw an accurate and complete map in real-time and mark obstacle points with SLAM algorithm, so as to create an efficient cleaning mode. ZK901 can be controlled easily through Smart Life application on the phone. You can clean partition, choose cleaning area for each space at will, see the progress or monitor cleaning in real-time. You can also schedule cleaning at any time, such as before going to work.

When cleaning, you can choose from three modes: silent, standard and maximum. When there are parts that need replacement, the Smart Life app will remind you to replace those parts. ZK901 mop robot can identify each type of working floor to provide an effective working plan. The robot can also intelligently control the spraying process according to the working conditions. When the robot stops working, there is an anti-slip; anti-leakage mode to help prevent damage to the wooden floor of your house.


With a mid-range price, Liectroux ZK901 home cleaning robot is an optimal choice for you with many integrated modern features. As a new generation cleaning robot, for sure, Liectroux ZK901 has a Wifi connection. Wherever you are, at any time, you can control and track working robots through a mobile application. You can buy it from Gearbest at $299.00 in Flash Sale.

Buy LIECTROUX ZK901 From Gearbest


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