(Limited Sale) On Xiaomi Square 2 Bluetooth Speaker & Xiaomi Window Door Sensor At @Lightinthebox


Looking for a good portable Bluetooth speaker? Then we recommend the Xiaomi Square Box 2 Bluetooth Speaker. The speaker produces a lot of good quality sound. Furthermore, it is nice and light and the speaker has a big battery. And The contains the Xiaomi Window Door Sensor to prevent any uninvited guest enter into your domain. This is a brilliant sensor which can be easily attached to the other sensors to secure the house.

Xiaomi Square Box 2 Bluetooth Speaker

The Xiaomi Square Box 2 is a small, minimalist speaker. The speaker measures only 15.5 by 6 by 2.5 centimeters. It is made of a combination of aluminum and plastic. This makes the speaker very light, it weighs only 155 grams. So you can always take it with you easily.The Xiaomi Square Box 2 can be connected to your smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth 4.2. Thanks to this version of Bluetooth, the speaker is quickly connected. The range is also good, up to 10 meters according to Xiaomi but in practice that seems more.

By using Bluetooth 4.2 you can also see information about the battery on your phone. So you know exactly how much battery the speaker still has. In addition to Bluetooth, you can also use a cable to play music through the audio-in port on the back.The most important thing of a speaker is, of course, the sound, and we are impressed by the Xiaomi Square Box 2. The Xiaomi Square Box 2 also has a built-in microphone. This also allows you to call the speaker. Handy if you want to call someone with a group.The Xiaomi Square Box 2 has a built-in battery that you can charge with a micro USB cable. The battery has a capacity of 1200mAh. This means you can listen 10 hours at 40% volume according to Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Window Door Sensor

The Xiaomi Window Door Sensor will alert you on your smartphone with the bell whenever anyone breaks into your house.The door sensor will alert you whenever you open the door, and the ring will alert you. When there is a push on the door, and then light will goes on your phone automatically. With just one simple click you can open your windows to let fresh air pass into the house. This sensor can be operated with the smart app which is available on iOS 7 and Android OS. this Xiaomi smart security sensor magnificently increases the overall protection of your home along with the security and safety of all your belongings and loved ones. When in place, the smart sensor will automatically send a signal to the Xiaomi multi-functional gateway whenever your door or window has been opened enabling your lights to flash an alarm to sound. Via the smart gateway, it can furthermore be connected to other Xiaomi smart home accessories such as, for example, a security camera that starts filming automatically when a door or window is opened – allowing you to create the ultimate smart home security environment.


All in all, we are very impressed with the Xiaomi Square Box 2 Bluetooth Speaker. Often these are kind of speakers of poor quality. The Xiaomi Square Box 2 Bluetooth Speaker is very sturdy thanks to the aluminum, but more important is the fantastic sound. I have not come across any other speaker that is just as small and produces such good sound. Xiaomi Square Box 2 Bluetooth Speaker is now available on Lightinthebox just at $26.41.

The Xiaomi Door and Window Sensors can be controlled via the dedicated mobile application along with all your other Xiaomi smart sensors. Supporting both iOs and Android smartphones, you can be assured that these smart security sensors can be easily and efficiently operated through your mobile phone no matter where you’re at.Xiaomi Window Door Sensor is now available on Lightinthebox just at $7.80.


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