Liu Zuohu Confirmed A OnePlus 6T Configuration: Snapdragon 845, Screen Fingerprint!


The OnePlus mobile phone is known as “monster performance”, not only has a clean and pure system and a high-quality photo experience, but also the design is also brilliant. With a more user-friendly habit and higher cost performance, the market for one plus mobile phone is expanding and has a good reputation.

In the morning of October 8, an official Twitter preheating said that an exciting news will be announced within 24 hours. Most people speculate that this news is the release time of the flagship new phone 6T (previously announced that the release date is October 17). At the same time, India’s Amazon has a 6T pre-order reminder that the phone will be open for pre-order on October 30th.

At present, the official has confirmed that the flagship new machine plus 6T several features are: screen fingerprint technology, rear vertical double shot, 8.2mm thickness. In other respects, OnePlus 6T is expected to carry the Snapdragon 845 chip, with 8+256GB storage on the top, and the battery capacity is 3700mAh.

In terms of appearance, OnePlus 6T has a 6.4-inch water drop screen, and the back camera is also the same central axis vertical double shot.

In addition, 3.5mm headphone jack, IP67 waterproof and wireless charging are still missing. For the headphone hole, Liu Zuohu said tha, one of the reasons for canceling the 3.5mm headphone jack is to make room for the screen fingerprint sensor.

It is reported that one plus this time using a technology called “Screen Unlock”, mainly by replacing the physical sensor on the back of the phone to the bottom of the screen, so the fingerprint reader occupies the basic space inside the bottom of the phone.

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OnePlus uses the “Trust Zone”, a separate virtual space in the Snapdragon 845 chip, to store fingerprint information. The significance of this technology is that when you use the screen fingerprint, the module will recognize your fingerprint and compare it with the fingerprint information stored in the “Trust Zone” to ensure the authenticity of the fingerprint and improve security.

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