Logitech release the K780 Bluetooth multi-device keyboard


The multi-screen era has arrived,as the reliance on mobile devices has grown,so to has the reliance on multi-screen tasking grown.In the modern world Some Individuals require the need to simultaneously work on multiple devices such as a computer and update information quickly via a smartphone or Tablet. Logitech have announced the release of the Logitech K780 multi-device wireless Bluetooth keyboard designed specifically for these individuals in mind.s_1899c9f9ac4b401ea0158c8dba3f30d1

The K780 can simultaneously connect three devices,change between systems (Windows, Android, Chrome OS, iOS and Mac OS),work on multiple platforms(smartphone, tablet, desktop computer) all with the flick of a switch, In this case Logitech have named it the “Easy Switch”.


The K780 is a full-size keyboard design comes with circular keys with separate numeric keys, the buttons come with a low profile recessed design to make typing a breeze.The K780 comes with integrated rubber ports to enable the connection of multiple devices, ensuring no damage to any equipment with the user not having to fumble around, pushing cables in USB slots.

The comfort of the user is maintained where they are not struggling from one device to the next and enables the user to have their multiple devices laid out in front of them, for easy access and comfortable reading angle.The Logitech K780 wireless keyboard comes with a battery life of two years. Logitech have confirmed the release date of July 4th and it will be priced 499 yuan  which is around $75, so keep an eye out for this handy little keyboard.



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