LOKMAT APPLLP Max Smartwatch Offered at $172.99 [Coupon Deal]


The dream of wearing a smartphone in your hand has not yet been put into reality by big companies like Apple or Samsung, but in chinese brands are still constantly selling a series of smartwatch models with similar ideas, typically the watch. This lake named Lokmat Appllp Max Smartwatch.

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The 2.88-inch screen with a resolution of only 480 x 640 is still completely stable. The SIM slot must use a screw with a screw box to be removed, next to it is a magnetic charging pin but very weak, touching it is removable. The strap is extremely large, there is a button to quickly remove the watch. The device only has a single power button, no volume control button. Although it has the guts of a smartphone, it is equipped with an interface suitable for use as a smartwatch, typically dozens of different watch faces, imitations of each brand a bit.


The quad-core MediaTek Helio A22 chip inside quite powerful than imagined. Inside there is a memory of up to 64GB instead of only 4 or 8GB like a regular smartwatch.

Battery and Features

The battery inside the device has a capacity of up to 2300mAh, dozens of times higher than on a regular smartwatch. Therefore, it can work stably for about 1 day when Wifi/4G is turned on. Speaking of 4G, you can attach a nanoSIM to your device and use it as a phone to access the network, even play Wifi Hotspot. This watch runs Android 9.0 with a redesigned interface to suit smartwatches, has Google Play Store available and all compatible Android apps can be installed, such as Lien Quan Mobile, Fire Pagoda, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger or Tiktok.

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Where To Buy

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Coupon Code: BG179cb4

Buy LOKMAT APPLLP Max on Banggood


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