Looking for a Minimalist Phone? Here are Your Options


Smartphones have become central to our lives for so many different reasons. You can make video conferencing calls, play music, take photos and videos, and so much more; that’s why so many people invest in iPhones and models like the Realme GT Neo 2.

Alongside this trend, many others are tired of carrying around a bulky, clunky phone that weighs down their pockets. Fortunately, there are some great, affordable options for minimalist phones out there. If you’re currently searching for one, look no further because this article will help you find the perfect model.

What Is A Minimalist Phone?

They are designed to be as bare-bones and streamlined as possible. These sleek-looking devices are all about simplifying your life by giving you just the essentials: calls, texts, and apps. These devices have little to no extras, aside from these necessities, and they might not even contain camera functionality.

If you don’t want all the bells and whistles of other modern smartphones but want something more than just a basic flip phone, minimalist phones may be for you. Many people who live in urban areas benefit from using these types of gadgets because they can save money on their cell phone plans. Many carriers charge extra fees for things like data usage, but that’s something you need less of when you have minimal functionality.

Mudita Pure

This beautiful product comes from Poland, and it features a deliberately retro-minimalist design. This could be the model for you if you fancy something in gray or black and don’t need a camera. It boasts low electromagnetic radiation, texting, calling, and internet access (Hotspot solely). You can use a 2 x nano-SIM and enjoy a 16 GB memory capacity. If you find life stressful, you’ll appreciate the meditation timer that will remind you when you need to stop, sit back and reflect.

You can find all the minimalist phones we discuss on the internet. As seen on this page at https://mudita.com/products/pure/, you are able to check out the operating system and security and privacy aspects. They can also read about the battery life and Bluetooth specifications. Owners of this phone will appreciate the E Ink display and ultra-low SAR.

Relay Screenless Smartphone

This is a great one for the kids to enjoy. It weighs in at only 70g and has a 4G LTE connection. It features a front-facing loudspeaker and dual mics, plus a 3.5 mm audio jack.

It’s water-resistant, endurable, and can transmit voice messages to mom or dad. If you want a walkie-talkie experience as a parent, all you have to do is download a special app onto your phone.

Jelly 2

If you are seeking the world’s smallest 4G phone, this is the one. In this case, less is more – it has great compatibility and power specifications. You’ll get an IR blaster for your money and the network performance will do the job (although it’s not optimum).

Unlike some minimalist phones, this model only has limited battery life. Don’t get this phone if you struggle to read the small print, because the touchscreen keyboard isn’t large, either. One final drawback is that your photographic capers could be inhibited. If you’re taking a photo in low light, your picture quality will be disappointing.

The Light Phone 2

Do you want something that combines class and simplicity? Then take a look at this phone. It’s produced by a small US startup company and supports 4G calling on three different networks. It will go with number-share schemes if that’s important to you, but there are some limitations and drawbacks.

It’s not the most user-friendly design to handle. You won’t experience the clearest phone calls and there is some screen ghosting. This is where you can still see the image of a previous screen for a moment or two after it’s gone. (This is often where a phone doesn’t have an LED backlight to give you sharp images).

Palm Phone

Not everyone wants to visit a store, sign a contract, or switch carriers. In this scenario, many people choose the Palm Phone as their best option. All they need to do is use the (already included) US Mobile SIM card unless they already have one. People who want to lose their addiction to reading emails and social media will find they do so 2 to 3 times less, thanks to this phone.

It’s superior to something like a smartwatch. Whilst it can stop you from wasting your time, it doesn’t hold back on music playing functionality. You’ll be glad to know that it’s really light to carry, yet hard-wearing. It’s water-resistant and features two cameras. App users will be delighted to discover they can download their favorite fitness apps and more, thanks to Google Play. 

Nokia 8110 4G

With this 4G model, you can enjoy a standby time of up to 25 days, using just one charge. The talk time can vary: 3G gets you up to 7 hours, GSM 7.2 hours, or VoLTE up to 9.3 hours. It has Bluetooth connectivity, 4 GB storage, and 512 MB RAM. It’s a great phone for streaming, chatting, and surfing the internet.

The wireless Hotspot functionality can help you access Wi-Fi connections on the go. If you already use Outlook and Gmail, you can bring all your data onto your phone, so that it will sync. Photography fans will be able to use the integral LED flash and 2 MP camera.

Punkt MP02 And Unihertz Atom

Here are two more for you to check out: The Punkt model is user-friendly yet hard-wearing, and features a display that won’t struggle in the sunshine. It’s splash-proof to IP52, and you can use Punkt MP20 to tether offline devices. The Unihertz phone has a great battery capacity, 64G storage, and dual cameras. It’s water, shock, and dust-resistant, and you can unlock it using the fingerprint scanner.

Why not sit down and write the specifications you are looking for? We’ve probably discussed a model that perfectly fits your requirements. Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be able to enjoy a minimalist phone that offers maximum enjoyment.


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