Luke Smart Fingerprint Lock Q2 Release: Concentric Breathing Light


Xiaomi has officially launched the Q2 Smart Lock product Q2, which is a comprehensive upgrade of quality, experience, and safety on the basis of Classic, such as the addition of “automatic arming from home” and “family reminder” Such functions make the linkage more human and intelligent.

When the user goes out, it can be set to “Automatic Arming Mode”, the camera will automatically record and upload videos to protect the home security; when the user goes home, the camera will automatically turn off to protect the privacy from being violated; When the fixed fingerprint is unlocked, the user can receive relevant prompts through the Mijia APP in time, without worrying about whether the child and the parents are safely at home.

When the door lock is shaken, the password is continuously inputted incorrectly 5 times, and the fingerprint input error is 15 times, the Luke smart lock Q2 not only has a high-pitched alarm but also can push notifications at the Mijia APP so that the user can know the door in time. The lock is abnormal. In addition, users can remotely view the child lock switch, view the lock status, view the mechanical key unlock, prevent the trailing and the home mode linkage through the Mijia APP.

The Luke Smart Lock Q2 inherits the design of the Touch Concentric Circle Breathing Light. Starting from the fingerprint head, the handle cover, the handle base, and the breathing lamp are stacked around the same center of the circle, and the design is full. In addition, the button lights of the Q2 can be controlled separately. This means that when the user unlocks with a password, not only can the button sound be heard, but also the individual flashing of the number can be reduced, reducing the chance of pressing the wrong button.

The Luke Smart Lock Q2 is fully upgraded in the production process so that the color of the door lock can be maintained for a long time and is not easy to fade. Q2 has also undergone 80 hours of acid salt spray experiments and 240 hours of salt spray experiments, far exceeding industry and national standards. Even when used in coastal areas, the appearance will never oxidize.

Luke Q2 officially launched in Xiaomi, the first price of 2,999 yuan ($438), the top 500 users of the payment after receiving a gift of 269 yuan ($39) Yeelight voice assistant.

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From September 5th to September 6th, the deer’s super-brand day event on the product platform, the deer’s smart lock classic activity during the period of direct decline of 120 yuan ($17), to the hand price only 1579 yuan ($230).

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