Macaw TX 80, Neckband Bluetooth Headphones For $17.99 USD Six Days Sale @Gearbest


Hello there! Just found out that Gearbest has a special event with Macaw where you can find excellent products from Macaw Sound line of gizmos, mainly in ear headphones or IEM’s, for example, you can find listed the Macaw Tx-80. Looking for a fan base, the brand cut the price so low that you get lot more that you pay for, but first lets check them out.


Made complete from antibacterial plastic and silicon parts, just the headphone has a metal insert (in both cases). This neckband headphones are light and their neckband design are perfect for sporty life. Run, jump, paddle, crunch feel sure that the Tx-80 are gonna be in place.

In the box you will find the Tx them self, USB cable for charging purpose, replace ear tips, carrying case and user manual.


The MACAW TX-80 features 10 mm dynamic drivers, an IPX5 waterproof rating and detachable Bluetooth cables with an MMCX connector. A  Bluetooth receiver with an IPX5 rating on it’s own will cost you the same or more than the price of the whole MACAW TX-80 unit, which already make these earphones a superb bang for buck deal. Yes, you can use the BT Module to attach a different pair of headphone with MMCX compatible connector.


Thanks to uses 10nm Aeronautic Titanium composite diaphragm single moving horn, full low-frequency full, clear intermediate frequency, high-frequency wide. When listening to the Macaw TX-80, the sound quality of Bluetooth takes you to the next level with unparalleled fun music, well that’s the advertise says but overall has a nice balanced sound, the bass is not that punchy that you will expect from a In Ear Headphones, an the end is ok and does the job for any music genre.

One cool feature that needs attention is that you can change the cable and then you are able to drive them directly from your source with no problem since they don’t need an amplifier so your phone would do the job.

The control are easy to use, press the middle button to enter pairing mode and play/pause, the plus and minus button are made for changing the volume or make a long press to change song.

The battery takes around 2 hours to full charge, that will give 8 hours of music or 2 of call in hands free mode.

With all the features included the Macaw TX-80 will be a great addition to your exercise routines even is you cant grab it at $17.99 special price even at $35.99 is a steal.

Special Event

Check the special event of Gearbest in addition with Macaw, where you can use the Special Coupon for each list of product, but hurry because it will only last six days from March the 5th.


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