Maimo Watch R Smartwatch Offered at $56.25 [Big Sale]


Maimo announces the launch of a new product, Maimo Watch R Smartwatch Meet the needs of young people in the digital age It works perfectly, the more pointed.

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Developed based on ergonomic principles, the Maimo Watch R features shorter, lower mounts that minimize the space between the watch and the wrist, allowing a better fit for any wrist size. Curved edges also provide optimal comfort regardless of hand movement. Thin and light, the watch weighs just 29.4G and is 10.8mm thick, bringing a wealth of features without straining your wrist. Innovative ergonomic design The watch is slim and lightweight. Ensure maximum comfort in every movement. There are over 100 watch faces ready for you to choose from. Watch bands in more than 6 colors that can be matched according to your look. The watch also features MaiDay’s assistant, Maimo’s AI that can self-learn from behavior and prioritize the features users use the most. The longer you wear the watch, the more MaiDay understands the user.

Health Mode

Maimo Watch R also has Strong fitness & Health Function and Smart features to make your life easier. with sport mode with automatic exercise detection heartbeat detection stress gauge blood oxygen Including being able to measure sleep as well There is a reminder to drink water. You can set a daily water intake goal and also remind you how much water to drink to be enough. And for women, Maimo WatchR has a health reminder mode for women, for example during menstruation. Safe period, ovulation period, including ovulation day It can be said that it covers everything.


The Maimo Watch R powerful battery provides up to 12 days of typical use with sports and health monitoring enabled. It lasts up to 15 days in battery saver mode, which allows for basic watch functions and sleep monitoring. That way, you don’t have to worry about having to recharge it and you can focus on making progress on your goals.

Control Phone

Thanks to the connection system to cell phones or cameras, you can take pictures with a simple click on the clock, allowing for greater ease and practicality with photographs. Another very interesting utility is to change cell phone music through the watch, it ends up being very good for those who practice sports and don’t want to take their cell phone out of their pocket.


Better control your daily routine with widgets, Maimo Watch R features four pages of customizable widgets tailored to your everyday situations, including essential apps, sports, wellness and productivity. Customize these widgets according to your preference, have easier access to your favorite sports or health data that interests you most with a simple tap on the Maimo Fit app.

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Where To Buy

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Buy Maimo Watch R on Aliexpress


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