Makibes ID205L Smartwatch Review: A 1.3 Inch IP68 Waterproof Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Stopwatch smartwatch(Coupon)


Exercising outdoors will bring you even more pleasure when you will clearly see your success. Makibes ID205L is a stylish fitness bracelet that will appeal to both a girl and a young man. He can count the distance traveled, steps, calories, sleep time, send notifications and remind you to drink water or take a walk.

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Makibes ID205L Smartwatch has a square TFT display that is fully touch-sensitive for menu navigation. It has a diagonal of 1.3 inches, and a screen resolution of 240 * 240 pixels. The use of 2.5D glass in this model makes their appearance even more aesthetic and ergonomic for the user. A removable TPU bracelet makes it possible to replace it if necessary. Makibes ID205L Smartwatch complemented by a lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 210 mAh. One full charge lasts about a week using the bracelet. Leave them to recharge for about 2 hours and they will be ready to please you another week.

Created for sports, Makibes ID205L Smartwatch does an excellent job of counting calories, distance, steps, and other indicators. In addition, he can measure blood pressure and oxygen level in the blood. Convenient sports mode helps you save results for your training statistics. To receive notifications about SMS and messages from applications on your smartphone, you must download the free app Wearfit 2.0 from the store. It is available for smartphones on Android version 4.4 and later, as well as iOS devices with a version from 8.5. When synchronizing devices, notifications from calls, the ability to control the music player of the phone and much more will become available to you.

Makibes ID205L Smartwatch is protected against dust and moisture at IP67. This gives you convenience during such familiar activities as washing your hands, playing sports, unexpected rainfall and other little things that will not damage the fitness bracelet. Makibes ID205L Smartwatch will give you complete comfort while practicing your favorite sport, training in the gym or in everyday life. Keep track of your heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned, view recent messages, incoming calls or other reminders with a simple turn of your hand. A fitness bracelet with a tonometer is not a medical device. All data is provided for information only and cannot be used to correct treatment or serve as an excuse for taking pills.

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coupon: 45MUKKFO

Buy Makibes ID205L Smartwatch For $25.99

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