Maxoak K2 50000mAh Power Bank Review: Comes With Slimmest Design To Take Anywhere


We discovered there are many force bank intended for cell phones, however no particular force bank for Laptops, so we build up this Maxoak K2 50000mAh Power Bank. It comes with 14 sorts of DC connectors for practically 95% Laptops(Max.130W). The ultra-high limit 185Wh(50000mAh) can generally charge your PC around 2 times+ (8Hrs+). if you are searching for a dependable PC power bank, this force bank is your most ideal decision.

Maxoak K2 50000mAh Power Bank


Maxoak K2 50000mAh Power Bank has the best design. It will give you perfect in your grasp. The high extent of measurement and limit. This battery pack can be the littlest 50000mAh Laptop Power Bank, size just 8.1 “x 5.3” x 1.3 “and weight 2.77lb. At the point when you’re in a hurry you can rapidly fold this force bank into your portfolio, knapsack, or the pack.

Maxoak K2 50000mAh Power Bank

constructed with worked in lithium-particle polymer battery cells and 6 Safety Protections to guarantee Safety Use and 1000+ Recharge Cycles. Four LED pointers show the rest of the force limit. We are keen producer and R&D each item without anyone else, receive the most trend-setting innovation, and the best qualified crude materials, so we have full certainty to give our esteemed client a two year bother free 100% fulfillment and unconditional promise.


Maxoak K2 50000mAh Power Bank comes with excellent features. Also, It is  Compatible with most well-known note pads and Notebooks (can’t accuse PC of 5A DC current) we offer. 11 sorts of connector for most well-known PCs (pls ensure the connector fits for your PC before buying.) Once completely energized, our K2 PC battery can charge your iPhone 6 Plus multiple times, iPhone 6 around multiple times, Galaxy S6 multiple times.

Maxoak K2 50000mAh Power Bank

Across the board quick charging: it has 6 yield ports. one 20V/3A for workstations, one 12V/2.5A for computerized cameras, two 5V/2.1A, and two 5V/1A for most cell phones, iPods, tablets and more USB gadgets Charged. You can charge various gadgets simultaneously to spare a ton of time. Ultra vitality sparing and quick accusing rate of DC input: 16.8V/2.5A, our K2 battery can be energized in only 6-8 hours.

Maxoak K2 50000mAh Power Bank


Maxoak K2 50000mAh Power Bank is a great option to take anywhere anytime. It will help you to charge your gadgets easily with fast charging. You can easily buy this from Maxoak Offices at $129.99



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