MediaTek: Helio P90 Will be equipped With New APU 2.0, Released On December 13


On December 5th, MediaTek officially re-voiced, and the splendid Helio P90 will be equipped with the new APU 2.0 AI chip, while providing support for the four major AI applications – functional classification, object segmentation, object recognition and SR. Combined with the previous AI BenchMark’s 19453 points AI score ( after the Snapdragon 855 and beyond the Kirin 980), its AI performance is expected.

Function classification: Everyone has ever seen a situation where there are too many photos and thousands of text messages flooding the line of sight, and AI can intelligently classify them according to the source, function, and even people, time and place, making the use of mobile phones more efficient. At a glance.

Object segmentation: This is a must-have feature of Mito. Our common portrait blur is to rely on AI to segment and recognize the object captured, and then automatically blur and re-enhance, except for the background blur depth of field processing, face change, smart beard, Cosplay, and one-click PS are away Do not open AI participation.

Object recognition: Recognition of faces, objects, scenes, and movements on the mobile phone. It mainly acts on photography to automatically process the post, angle, and brightness. The current one-click readout calories, search and display products, and other functions are all From this, the current Helio P70 has added the human body gesture recognition function.

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SR: SR actually refers to Super Resolution super-resolution. AI can enlarge low-resolution images to high resolution through deep learning, and can also improve the image quality at the same time. In layman’s terms, it is “destroy mosaic” to enhance photo details. Optimize the photo effect.

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