Meet the new JJRC H20H – A Small Hexacopter with Altitude Hold in Flash Sales!


We have already reviewed the previous model, the JJRC H20C, now the company presented to us a new version of it, the JJRC H20H.

The new JJRC H20H as a design is exactly the same with the JJRC H20C. The main parts of the hexacopter is made out of durable ABS, it comes out in yellow and red and is smaller since it’s dimensions are only 110 x 100 x 25mm and weights only 22g. As and the previous version, it might look a little strange how to fly a hexacopter but on the contrary, is meant for beginners and is really easy to fly and handle. Again is mentioned for kids that are at least 14 years old. It uses the 2.4G frequency for communicating with the remote and 6 Axis gyroscope for more stable flying. What is missing in this version, is the 720p camera that the JJRC H20C has.

As for features, the JJRC H20H can do all the tricks that we know till know from the H20C. It has Sideward flight, Turn left / right, Hover, Forward / Backward, LED Light, Up / Down, 3D Roll, CF Mode, One Key Automatic Return and Altitude Hold. It can fly even in the night, since it features lights bright enough to help you do this.

The battery is a bit smaller form the H20C, since it is a Li-po 3.7V 150mAh. When is fully charged, you can fly at a distance of 30 meters for 5-7 minutes. After that you will need about 45 minutes to fully charge the battery.

The JJRC H20H is a lighter version of the H20C, but this doesn’t mean that you should not have a look at it. Except from the camera, all other features are almost the same. And now that you can find it at a lower price, since Cafago has it at flash sales for a day and a half, you must get it for only $20.98!


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