(Mega Sale) JJRC X6 Aircus GPS RC Drone with Two-axis Stabilization PTZ Gimbal Review(Coupon Included)


Do you want a phantom drone clone for a much cheaper price? Then this is your best bet! The JJRC X6 Aircus GPS RC Drone is much cheaper than the phantom drone but comes with the same design and almost the same features. In addition to the cool design, the JJRC X6 Aircus comes with powerful brushless motors, Dual-GPS system and Full HD camera with 2-axis gimbal which can also be found on the antagonist.

Buy The JJRC X6 Aircus GPS RC Drone for $169.99

The JJRC X6 Aircus GPS RC Drone adopts 2.4 G spread spectrum technology, has a function of four channel flight, builtin Six-axis gyroscope, It is easier to be controlled, and the farther distance makes you appreciate the more beautiful scenery. It has an HD camera and can carry out FPV real-time transmission so the beautiful scenery along the way will appear in front of you.

The JJRC X6 Aircus RC Drone has a large 3000mAh battery with which you can fly a maximum of 23 minutes. In practice, I actually got close to this value, even if the fail-safe has already intervened at about 15%. But after that, you can still fly near for some time. Since it is a 3-cell battery, speeds of up to 60km/h are possible. Whereby these are the data of JJRC. In practice, I do not believe I came on this speed. Perhaps it is because the sport mode does not differ from the normal mode. You have a slider on the remote control. Maybe this will be released with a firmware?

Of course, the JJRC X6 Cloud Stepper RC Drone has a GPS + GLONASS with which some nice functions are possible. On the one hand, you have the advantage that the drone can hold the position, even when a strong wind blows. The height of the X6 is also held by GPS, but also by a built-in height barometer. The X6 also has the Follow-Me mode. Whereby it is called with these Copter Tracking or also Active Track. On the smartphone screen, you can border an object or a person with a square. The AI of the camera then follows this actively or passively. Active means it even flies behind. And passive means that it only faces the object. To activate the active mode, you simply have to press GO on the screen after capturing the object.

Remote controller

The front panel of the remote is very clean, it has just two control sticks. No trimming switches nor status screen. Most of the control buttons are found on top of the remote, near the two antennas. You have from left-to-right: Pitch angle adjustment, On/Off switch, Flight mode switch (Indoor/GPS/RTH), Headless mode and Servo scale control/Fence Mode off. Photo and Video buttons are located on back of the transmitter. The JJRC X6 Aircus GPS RC Drone is currently available on Gearbest for $169.99 using coupon code: GBRCJJRCX6.

Buy The JJRC X6 Aircus GPS RC Drone for $169.99

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