(Mega Sale) On Xiaomi Mi 1st Gen Robot Vacuum Just at $285.99 & H96 Max TV Box 4GB+64GB Just at $66.99


Cleaning up around the house is necessary, but let’s be honest: it’s not very fun. The idea of a cleaning robot is so enticing, and many manufacturers like Xiaomi have realized this and made moves in the market. Xiaomi Released their Mi Robot Vacuum Robot. H96 Max TV Box use high end hardware, and what are the benefits and challenges of having a powerful Android TV box like the H96 Max TV Box. So as the name suggests it has max powerful hardware like 4GB of RAM for example. But still it is affordable because now the price is under $70, so stay here and find out is it better than previous model.

H96 Max TV Box

As we know, TV Boxes use the Android system that, connected to a TV through the HDMI port, allows you to use all the applications and get all the connectivity with our screen. So, we must have a machine powerful enough to transfer what we usually see on a phone or tablet and take it to our televisions without losing quality. In this case, H96 MAX – H1 has a Soch Rockchip RK3328 that contains a Quad core CPU processor Cortex A53 and works up to 1.5 GHz of capacity to make possible all the magic of this box. As graphics support uses the ARM Mali-450MP2 GPU and the memory that accounts for all the applications that you start this time it is a 4GB DDR3. Plus, have 64GB ROM so that all applications and multimedia files are in one place. The H96 Max comes with Dual Band WiFi 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz frequencies, which allow you to use any router with the supported bands. it good enough to achieve good streaming of movies and downloading apps and browsing. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 that works really well. addons installed without a problem. Streaming movies and TV shows was a breeze with all addons and movie APKs working 100%. The operating system selected is Android 7.1, with UI optimize for Streaming that looks great, but nothing impressive. H96 Max TV Box is now available on Lightinthebox just at $66.99.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Robot

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1st Generation is a highly intelligent home cleaning device with 12 different sensors. The Laser Distance Sensor ( LDS ) scans its surroundings 360 degree, 1800 times per second, to map out the interiors of your house. The three processors track its movements in real-time, and the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping ( SLAM ) algorithm calculates the most efficient route for cleaning. Using the Mi Home app, you can switch on and remotely control the robot, change cleaning modes and set schedules, Additionally, a powerful Nidec brushless DC motor, a main brush with adjustable height and a 5200mAh Li-ion battery for up to 2.5 hours of cleaning, attractive in price and quality, all these make it stand out of the market. Get the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1st Generation and dirt will not stand a chance. It dodges obstacles with surprising skill, and if you don’t trust its detection system to pick up that one spot of dirt that’s driving you crazy, you can use the app to tell it exactly where to go. It’s very satisfying to watch. And as soon as the cleaning is done, it goes home to its charging station right away. the battery percentage, the path on the map of where it is cleaning and more. Using it in everyday life is a breeze. The app is fluid and fun to use. In case there’s a problem while the Mi Robot is cleaning, the app alerts you and tells you what is going on. The app also regularly receives updates. The latest one allows you to select an area on the map of your home to clean. It is practical and effective. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1st Generation is now avaialble on Lightinthebox just at $285.99.

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