Meitu Announced Meitu V6 will be released on 1 November The unprecedented shot killer


Meitu Corporation since listing in Hong Kong after the frequent action, especially in the mobile phone sector. Recently, the Mietu’s V6 has also been exposed, following the previous “document photos”, the Meitu mobile phone official also began to show some of the new features of the V6 phone.

According to the Mietu official microblogging news, just issued a poster, the poster published a specific V6 phone name, and said there will be an important news on November 1, the poster’s propaganda as “just the soul of photography, This time, we control the light. ” Combined with the previous exposure of the photo, rear four LED flash (2X2 design) should be considered one of the highlights, the new phone features not only that. But what is the specific design? I am afraid to wait for the day of November 1 announced.

The so-called “document photos” is worthy of the phone through the Ministry of Industry under the telecommunications equipment certification in the certification when the record photos, that is, we commonly known as access to the network license, get the permission, only a simple process about a week even if all the listing formalities. Since last week has passed the network license, which means that this phone should be released in the near future, most likely in early November.

Mietu V6 will come with clocked at 2.8GHz processor, 4 and 6GB RAM +128 GB ROM, before and after are 5MP +12MP dual camera, the display is 5.49 inches 1920 × 1080 resolution OLED screen. System running Android 7.0.

In addition, this Meitu V6 will be the most powerful camera camera, for shooting before and after have made a great optimization, is one of the few before and after the double-camera, that is, there are four cameras, but the specific camera strength , But also to announce the release site.

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