Meitu T8 Officially Released at 5,000 yuan, $833


Previously, Meitu has news to release the new T series, and today Meitu smartphone has officially announced this products, it is Meitu T8. And there are lots of Meitu T8 promoting photos to show its design. Although Meitu has not released the T8 complete specs, we can confirm that compared with previous Meitu smartphones, this smartphone will improve the selfie-taking to a new level, and Meitu claims it has photographing black technology.

According to photos, Meitu T8 doesn’t have too obvious changed, it still use dual V design, the main camera is still large, compared with other models, the obvious place is the color, Meitu T8 uses the dark red color, in addition, according to the official, the front design is similar to previous products. It doesn’t use the front dual front camera, it just use single camera, and it has similar front circular fingerprint scanner home button to Meitu M6S.

Meitu T8 is famous for taking selfies black technology, according to official, Meitu T8 confirms to use dual front camera with autofocus at the seconds of speed, and OIS function. It has mysterious night light combination improvement at night to improve the photo experience. And Meitu has applied to AI technology not only in face recognition but also age and gender.

On January 12, Meitu will start to sell 1,000 units first on its official site, the test deposit will be 5,000 yuan, $833, as you know, the deposit is not equal to final price. And Meitu T8 will sell officially until Feb. 21. Then they will unveil the price.


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