Meizu 16 & 16 Plus Will Have Wireless Charging and Top Version Will Support NFC Function


The next top range Meizu 16 and 16 Plus have received 3C certification during these days, so they are practically ready for their arrival on the market. We know that they will be top of the range devices with optimized frames and front panel almost without frames. Thanks to a new leaked image emerged during the course of these hours we can take a look at the optimization of the frames of the devices. The two smartphones look good, the frames are well optimized and roughly the image reminds us so much the front panel of Galaxy S9.

Today, in the evening, we received the line report about the new upcoming flagship Smartphones, according to this report Meizu 16 and 16 Plus will be equipped with wireless charging function. Currently, the engineering samples of these 2 flagship Smartphones have been equipped with wireless charging modules, and the informant also said that the NFC function will appear on Meizu 16, but some engineering terminals will not have NFC function, which may indicate that Meizu 16 has multiple versions, and the top version will support NFC.

From the hardware point of view, Meizu 16 will be a top range in all respects. It is expected to find within the device a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and certainly at least 6GB of RAM. It is said that the Plus version, or the larger version, can even be equipped with 3 rear cameras, but this is a fact to be confirmed.

Instead, let’s move on to what are the facts, the image shown above shows us the front panels of the two devices. As clearly visible, the devices are equipped with a very large screen, however, there is an obvious difference between the standard and Plus variant of the device. According to the information in our possession, the Plus version should go towards 6.5 “diagonal.

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