Meizu 16S: Chin Width is Narrower, Battery is Better Than 16 Plus


Meizu community ID for a June Ming netizen made a rendering of Meizu 16, Huang Zhang also responded to the netizen problem when a big wave broke out, together Let’s have a look.

Wireless charging has been done 24W

Huang Zhang said that the Meizu wireless fast charge has been achieved 24W, but the actual battery can only get about 18W, the efficiency is lower than the 24W cable.

Still “porous” practical

Some Peoples asked Huang Zhang about the Meizu Zero. Huang Zhang said that there is still a hole in the practical, non-porous may be feasible in the future, no hole cannot make a stereo double speaker effect.

5G is going to be 2020

Huang Zhang said that 5G will be 2020, and the price will be 100-200 dollars.

Battery capacity super Meizu 16 Plus

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Meizu 16s is 6.2 inches, 16s P is 6.5 inches, all are Snapdragon 855 flagship, battery capacity is 4000-4500mAh, continued 16th without Notch design, chin is narrower.

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