Meizu 17 Concept Revealed: Full-Screen, Snapdragon 865, Rear Four Cameras


Recently, the news about Meizu 17 has been endless. This also means that Meizu 17 is not far from the arrival. According to the exposure of foreign media, the basic design of Meizu 17 has been completed, and its configuration is basically I got a confirmation, then let’s take a look, What will the new Meizu 17 look like this time?

Meizu 17 will adopt a similar design scheme to Meizu 16 series. In the front design of the new phone, Meizu 17 adopts a new non-heterosexual screen design scheme. The new phone is still symmetrically designed, and the screen ratio of the front of the new phone is After further improvement, the visual effect is still very shocking. In the back design of the new phone, Meizu 17 adopted a brand new back design combination, the back four shots are arranged vertically, the back of the new phone is made of glass material, and the design of the back of the phone is perfect.

In terms of the overall design of the new phone, the new Meizu 17 continues the design concept of the Meizu family. The effect of the whole phone is even more shocking. If you don’t like water droplets, punching, lifting, then Meizu 17 is still your best choice.

Meizu 17 will be equipped with the new Snapdragon 865 processor, this processor will be officially released later this year, but it is certain that its performance will be greatly improved, and the aircraft will also be equipped with X55 baseband, This also indicates that the aircraft will support 5G network functions. In terms of the memory combination of the new phone, Meizu 17 will start with a memory combination of 8GB+128GB. The new phone will have a memory combination of 12GB+512GB. This kind of memory combination is also a very flagship.

In the new camera combination, Meizu 17 will be equipped with a single 48 Megapixels plus a single 12 Megapixels plus a single 16 Megapixels plus a single 8 Megapixel four-shot combination, and in front of the new phone On the camera, the Meizu 17 will be equipped with a single 22 Megapixel camera. In other aspects of the new phone configuration, this time Meizu 17 will support screen fingerprint recognition, wireless charging, fast charging, facial recognition, and other functions.

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Meizu 17 will officially arrive in the first half of next year, but at present, we have not been able to confirm the specific release time of the aircraft, but I believe it will not be very late. In terms of the price of the new phone, this time Meizu 17 will continue to locate the high-end flagship market, the price of the new phone is not particularly expensive, the new Meizu 17 started selling The price will be 3,799 yuan, this price is also the mainstream price of the current flagship market, but the final price of the new phone will have to wait until the new phone is released before it can be known. At present, there is only so much news about Meizu 17.

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