Meizu 17 Pro Flyme 8 “Important Update” Experience: Makes easy to use Better


The Meizu 17 series phones officially ushered in the long-warmed Flyme 8 “important update”. The specific version number is Flyme 8 The reason why it is called an important update is because of the version. , Meizu not only fixes the problems in the previous system version but also brings a large number of new functions and new features. For example, the Meizu 17 ultra-wide-angle/17Pro telephoto lens is adapted to full-scene video anti-shake; online music announcement is back; Unlock “Shenzhen Tong”; game mode 4.1 update; new Aicy to recognize music; mEngine shock sense supports third-party applications;  

The Flyme system is the iconic brand of Meizu mobile phones. Excellent interactive experience and functions are one of the reasons why many users choose Meizu mobile phones. I believe that many Meizu friends are very concerned about the functions and experience of the new system. The Meizu 17 Pro in the IT House evaluation room has recently been updated to this latest system version. Now I will briefly share with you the experience of the new system and new functions.

The update log of Flyme 8 is as follows:
1. From stand-alone to networking, Meizu online music returns

As early as February 2018, Meizu Flyme issued an announcement stating that due to business adjustments, the Flyme “Music” client will stop providing online playback and download services from March 5, 2018. As we all know, Meizu itself started as MP3, and music has a very deep connection with Meizu itself. Therefore, the return of online music has caused many charm friends to call “Ye Qinghui”. After updating to the new version, Flyme’s “Music” client will undergo a separate update, the version number is 8.2.0.

Music App is further divided into two major sections, namely “My” and “Music Library”. “My” includes local songs and downloaded music, and “Music Library” is an online music, including daily recommendations, playlist recommendations, new songs, new discs, charts, and scene recommendations (learning, bus rides, afternoon tea running and many more). The overall design changes greatly, and the UI layout is somewhat similar to NetEase Cloud Music.

Online music is currently in the testing stage. The announcement stated that only some free songs will be provided for everyone’s audiovisual experience in the early stage of the public beta, and the membership fee service and member-exclusive song library resources will be restored in the future. Therefore, there are not many copyrights of Flyme “Music”. Except for some free songs, I searched for several singers/bands that I often listen to in NetEase Cloud Music, such as Pink Floyd, Wang Wen, Universal Youth Hostel, and other bands. To related information.

According to the user agreement in the App, IT Home understands that the online music resources and online music services in the music app are provided by third parties (including but not limited to the following third parties): Beijing Banqu Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Aiting Zhuo Le Culture Technology Co., Ltd., Arima World Expo Music Culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Wanting to have a massive song copyright library is not something that can be done overnight, and Flyme “Music” itself is in the testing stage, so we don’t need to be too harsh on Meizu “Music”, after all, the return of “online music” is for all users. It’s a good thing. Even though most users prefer third-party music clients, the online music that comes with their phones is a bit tasteless, but through the return of “online music”, we can see that Meizu is more dedicated to users. Conscientious attitude.

2. Full scene video stabilization: the camera experience is better

The second surprising feature of the new version is that the Meizu 17 ultra-wide-angle/17 Pro telephoto lens is equipped with full-scene video anti-shake (EIS electronic anti-shake). Take Meizu 17 Pro as an example. After updating to the Flyme 8 system, the “Video Stabilization” button has been added to the telephoto lens recording interface, and you can click on it for more stable video shooting.

At present, Meizu 17 Pro ultra-wide-angle, telephoto, and main camera all support the “video anti-shake” function. The anti-shake function can be applied to shooting far, close, and wide, and the application scenarios of anti-shake video are more extensive.

In terms of cameras, importing filter 2.0 also adds scenes such as video shooting and editing, making the experience richer.

3. Game mode 4.1 update

Game Mode 4.1 adds a lot of new features, the first is the change in interaction. The game assistant is adjusted to exhale from the upper edge of the left screen. This design is more user-friendly. It is convenient to quickly exhale the game assistant in the game, and the visual experience of the game is more immersive.

In addition, it supports locking the screen orientation and shielding the notification bar gestures. This feature is very intimate because, in many games that test the operation, it is easy to accidentally draw the notification bar by hand, which greatly affects the game experience. This feature is basically OK Farewell to the wrong hand.

In fact, the game mode of Meizu Flyme most fascinates the author is the small window function. For example, many times, you open a game that hasn’t been moved for a long time, but you find that it needs a hot update to play. The update size of hundreds or thousands of MB has to wait for a while, and the game cannot be updated after returning to the background. Waiting for the update is even more boring.

The small window solves this problem. When updating, you can call out other applications through the small window, such as WeChat, Douyin, etc., while updating, use the small window to chat on WeChat, and use the Douyin, which will not delay the chat entertainment. Without delaying the update of the game, this feature can be said to be very intimate and friendly.

4. Add Aicy to recognize music

I believe that many friends have encountered a lot of good background music when brushing

Douyin, but they don’t know the name, especially some pure music without lyrics. I don’t know how to search. There are two mobile phones. Fortunately, open the music software and use the “listen to music” function to search, but after all, there are few friends who carry two mobile phones with them. More often, it is those nice songs that pass by with regret.

Aicy Recognition Music is a new feature launched by Meizu for the above application scenarios. In the past, Aicy can recognize text, recognize pictures, recognize screenshots, and so on. Now, Aicy has added another application scenario-music.

As long as you long press on Douyin/Quick Video to trigger the small window to open the music app (such as QQ Music/Kugou Music/NetEase Cloud Music), you can easily get popular BGM.

This feature will be added to the application update. At present, the Meizu 17 series of Douyin has not ushered in this feature, so it is temporarily unavailable, but users of the Meizu 17 Pro should not be too anxious. This feature will arrive at yours soon. on the phone.

5, some other details

Starting from the Meizu 15 series, linear motors have become the standard equipment of Meizu’s digital flagships. It is not even an exaggeration to say that Meizu phones are the pioneers of linear motors for Android phones. On the Meizu 17 series, mEngine Vibration 3.0 has been upgraded again. At present, the vibration of the new system supports third-party applications such as WeChat and Alipay. Da Da Da goes into more scenarios. The vibration of mEngine 3.0 is still the first echelon of Android phones, and it has different tuning flavors for different scenarios, such as typing, such as receiving application notifications, such as text messages, such as alarm clocks, etc., and the vibration is different, and these vibrations The feeling is slowly realized in your long-term use, like hiding countless little easter eggs, waiting for you to dig.

FPS games have the vibration blessing of mEngine 3.0, which makes the impact more intense and real

The functions of unlocking the screen and keeping the screen bright are also very user-friendly. The former can be unlocked without a fingerprint button on the screen; when the screen is about to be locked, the system will activate the proactive automatic detection of the face and extend the lock. Screen time, in other words, as long as your eyes are fixed on the screen, the phone screen will never go off.

There are many application scenarios for this feature, such as driving a car, and taking a look when the phone is about to turn off the screen, the lock screen time is extended, no need to poke the screen with your fingers, safe and worry-free. However, in the author’s experience, I found that there is no corresponding system reminder for the extension of the lock screen time, so I often don’t know whether the function has taken effect. If the reminder is added, the user’s initiative will obviously be higher.

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Flyme 8 also fixes a lot of bugs, I won’t go into details here. In summary, this “important update” of Flyme 8 makes the experience of Meizu 17 series mobile phones icing on the cake. Whether it is online music or video anti-shake, game mode 4.1, it will make the user experience richer and more complete, and this is enough It proves that Meizu is still that dedicated Meizu.


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