Meizu 17 Series Users Experience: Bright Screen and Fast Charging: Flyme Update


Meizu pushed the Flyme system update for Meizu 17 series users. This firmware is optimized in many aspects such as system, network, camera, system interface, etc., and also provides users with multiple functions such as full-scene video image stabilization, bright screen fast charging, 129° ultra-wide-angle shooting, and application of intelligent shunting. The official said This version is more stable, faster, and more power-efficient, allowing users to refresh the experience to a new height.

According to reports, the bright screen fast charging function is convenient for users to experience fast charging when using mobile phones; the application full-screen display option is added to provide an immersive visual experience for applications that do not adapt to the full screen; adjust the mBack navigation bar display Effect, reduce the abruptness of the page; preset Google basic services, so that users can use Google applications such as Gmail, Google Maps; new game vibration switch, to meet the diverse needs of users.

In addition, Meizu’s new system has been upgraded in terms of system cameras. The new system’s video anti-shake covers more scenes, and the new algorithm is adjusted to maintain the best balance between image quality and anti-shake effect, and the shooting is clearer. Among them, Meizu 17 Pro has added a 129° ultra-wide-angle switch, with a wider viewing range; HDR mode supports multi-frame noise reduction algorithm, automatically optimizing high-sensitivity image quality, reducing noise, and enriching dark details.

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Meizu 17 is worth noting that the entire process of updating the system on the mobile phone needs to wait for about 10 minutes. During this period, please do not press the button of the mobile phone to avoid failure to update the system.

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