Meizu 20 Pro Phone Features 2K+120-frame AMOLED flexible straight screen


Meizu Technology officially announced today that the Meizu 20 Series Unbounded Super Vision has come to an end. “Super foresight is meant to share the joy of a good product in advance and reduce the anxiety of waiting, but it unintentionally creates more anxiety.” It indicates that Meizu 20 series will be released soon.

Meizu Technology said that it will witness the largest new product launch in Meizu’s history together with more friends. On March 14th, the recruitment channel of Companion will be opened at Shanghai Mercedes Benz Cultural Center.

Today, Meizu released four new features of the Meizu 20 series at once.

Meizu 20 Pro is equipped with 2K+ 120-frame AMOLED flexible straight screen, using Samsung E6 substrate, peak brightness 1800nit, self-developed 1-120 frame LTPO adaptive refresh technology, smooth and power saving.

Meizu 20 Pro is equipped with 5000mAh ultra-durable battery, 1600 days full charging and discharging use, battery capacity is still more than 80%, 12.3 hours of high-intensity continuous use, refresh the endurance milestone.

The Meizu 20 Pro features a 50W Super Wireless mCharge wireless supercharge that can be charged up to 80% in just 30 minutes. Full and full, only 45 minutes.

The Meizu 20 Pro is equipped with UWB ultra-wideband technology, enabling accurate search of vehicles and accessories. China’s first CCC3.0 standard UWB car key function, centimeter-level non-inductive entry, more accurate and safer.

The Meizu 20 series is equipped with 50 megapixel 1/1.56 inch outsole main camera, which supports the new generation of SMA optical anti-shake and DarkVision 2.0 extreme night view enhancement. According to the introduction, the Meizu 20 has full pixel focusing technology, compared with the Meizu 18s focus speed increased by 33%.

Recently, Shen Ziyu (vice chairman of Hubei Xingji Times Technology Co., LTD., chairman of Meizu Technology Co., LTD.) has posted a real picture of Meizu 20 Pro on wechat moments, with four cameras in vertical rows at the back, one of which has a ring flash. Under the back of the fuselage is the MEIZU Logo.

In terms of design, Meizu 20 series adopts flexible straight screen, adopts suspension dispensing 3.0 process, 0.17mm extremely narrow dispensing, and the narrowest frame is 1.57mm, realizing “equal width of four visual sides and taking into account screen protection”. In terms of screen, the Meizu 20 is equipped with 144-frame dynamic high-brush esports screen, which supports 1.07 billion color high-dynamic range display and low-blue anti-stroboscopic.

In terms of configuration, the Meizu 20 series uses Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, debuting the fifth generation of “dual” ultra-linear loudspeaker, while equipped with 13 esports high energy antennas, the total heat dissipation area of 36242mm², an increase of 56% compared with the previous generation.

Meizu 20 series is equipped with FlymeSound Classic self-developed audio enhancement algorithm for the first time. It also has a new upgraded game mode 6.0 and self-developed game speed mode. According to the official announcement, the game scene intelligent scheduling can reduce the delay by 50% compared with the previous generation.

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In terms of system, Meizu 20 series mobile phones will be equipped with the new generation of unbound ecosystem Flyme 10, which is equipped with the full link anti-fraud technology. The intelligent thinking engine has been upgraded from “OneMind 888+” to “OneMind 10.0”, which supports Flyme magic storage master.


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