Meizu E2 VS Xiaomi MI5C Design, Hardware, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review


Meizu has released its latest smartphone in Meizu E series, Meizu E2 at 1,299 yuan, $200 and $1,599 yuan, $250, which has similar price to that of Xiaomi MI5C, we know Meizu is the best rival of Xiaomi, so they are have some similarity in specs and price, which one is more worthwhile to choose, Meizu E2 and Xiaomi MI5C?

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According to specs comparison, Meizu E2 sells similar to Xiaomi MI5C, only $20 gap in their price. As for specs, Meizu E2 and Xiaomi MI5C also are different from their processor, as for other aspects, they are really similar.

Meizu E2 has two versions, it comes with 5.5 inch FHD screen, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB internal storage, selling at 1,299 yuan, $200, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage version at 1,599 yuan, $250.

But Xiaomi MI5C only has one version, RAM 3GB ROM 64GB version, selling at 1,499 yuan, $250, in order to keep comparison fair, we will compare Meizu E2 advanced version with Xiaomi MI5C.


In terms of design, Meizu E2 has very simple front design, coming with a 5.5 inch 1080P screen, its frame and screen control well, whether in up and down or left and right, it shows strong symmetry. The 2.5D glass design is quite important, on the front, it still has mBack home button.

This time, Meizu E2 continues its last generation design style, but on the back, it has made some changes, the back still uses metal unibody, the cold metal and matte quality make Meizu E2 look very comfortable and have a suitable touch feeling. Meizu E2 camera has been moved to right top, and LED light on the left.

The most unique place of back design is the back molding antenna line has been through the camera module and LED light, There are four LED light.

Meizu E2

At the bottom of Meizu E2 from left to right is the earphone jack, USB charger port and speaker, it is pity that Meizu E2 doesn’t use USB Type C port, but traditional MicroUSB port.

Xiaomi MI5C

But Xiaomi MI5C aims at ultra light and thin design, adopting 5.15 inch JDI screen, it has 7.09mm thickness, 135g weight, it is quite compact and exquisite about Xiaomi MI5C with good holding feeling, meanwhile, Xiaomi MI5C offers rose golden, Champagne golden, black three colors.

Xiaomi MI5C

On the back, Xiaomi MI5C uses common three step metal body, but Xiaomi MI5C adopts glasses material on the top and down, only aluminum alloy in the middle, the glass and metal part control quite excellently. On the back, there is a 12MP back camera without standing out, with single LED light.

Design Conclusion

According to design, they have their own advantages and highlights, they both are quite exquisite and beautiful, it is up to your hobbies about which one is more suitable.


Meizu E2 Antutu


Meizu E2 Geekbench



About performance, the main hardware to decide a smartphone’ processor and storage is the hardware, Meizu E2 advanced version has RAM 4GB, but Xiaomi MI5C has RAM 3GB, and they have different processor, so the performance between them will be different.

Xiaomi MI5C Antutu

Xiaomi MI5C Antutu

Meizu E2 is powered by Helio X20 Octa core processor, RAM 4GB, according to Antutu test, it has got 64,967 points, and Xiaomi MI5C is powered by its own Pinecone S1 Octa core processor, RAM 3GB, has got almost 60,000 points, as you know Huawei Honor 8 lite has got 64,000 points, so the RAM 4GB has got a little higher score than RAM 3GB. We can see Pinecone Surge S1 performance is similar to that of Helio P20 SoC.

They both are different in processor, but no big difference in performance.


Meizu E2 and Xiaomi MI5C have no big difference in camera, they both have 8MP front camera, but Meizu E2 has 13MP back camera, Xiaomi MI5C has 12MP back one. You can check the samples about Meizu E2 below.

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Meizu E2 Charging Speed

Meizu E2 and Xiaomi MI5C has big gap in battery life, the former has 3,400mAh battery, the back has 2,860mAh battery, so Meizu E2 has advantage in battery,  after test, Meizu E2 has reached 9 hours and 36 minutes battery life, which is similar to Xiaomi MI5S Plus with 3800mAh battery but over Meizu MAX with 4,100mAh battery and Redmi Note 3 with 4,000mAh battery.

Meizu E2 Battery Life


And according to the chart, Meizu E2 has high charging efficiency, after one hour, it has charged 87%, especially in the first half hour, it can charge 15% in every 10 minutes, after 30 minutes, the charging speed is slower, so it takes 90 minutes to charge full.

But Xiaomi MI5C only has 2,860mAh battery, it supports quick charge, 9V/2A, 18W, which can charge as fast as QC3.0, and it can still be used at least 5 hours during heavy use.


Meizu E2 and Xiaomi MI5C are both outstanding in their design, and performance, similar in price and camera, too, but if you are looking for a long battery life smartphone, you can try Meizu E2, but if you are Xiaomi fans, Xiaomi MI5C can be your ideal option.

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