Meizu EP52 Bluetooth Sports Earphone Officially Announces at 299 yuan, $50


Today Meizu not only releases Meizu M6 Note but also Meizu E52 earphone, which is also the second bluetooth earphone, the successor of Meizu EP51, it has been improved in comfortability, sound quality and functions.

The light weight is the other selling point of Meizu EP52, only 3g weight, meanwhile, it uses streamline design, keeping balance between left and right. It adopts food level silicone material, very soft, which can wear more stable and comfortable.

The earphone still uses Magnetic suction design, and it added Hall control. In addition, it has up to 130mAh battery with low power consumption technology, according to its official, it can play music about 8 hours, supporting 150 hours standby.

Meizu EP52 sound quality has also been improved, adopting Ultrafine biological fiber diaphragm and unique Free-Edge film design, which can show the music level and details, but also more deep bass.

It uses Britain CSR 8645 bluetooth chipset, equipped with Qualcomm aptX audio algorithm, supporting Bluetooth 4.1, 10 meters transmission, and it can support IPX5 level waterproof.

Meizu EP52 Bluetooth earphone sells at 299 yuan, $50, it will start to preorder today and sell officially on September 1.


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