Meizu Flyme 6 Stable OS Officially Announces (ROM Download)


Today Meizu has officially released Flyme OS stable version. Those have received notification about Flyme 6 beta test and previously got notification about Flyme 6 Stable version can all be upgraded to Flyme 6 stable OS now including such as Meizu Pro 6 Plus, Meizu Pro 6S, Meizu Pro 6, Meizu MX6, Meizu Pro 5, Meizu mx5, Meizu MX4 Pro, Meizu MX4, Meizu U20, Meizu U10, MeIzu MAX, Meizu M3E, Meizu Metal, Meizu m5 note, Meizu M3X,Meizu M5, Meizu M3 Note, Meizu M3S, Meizu M3, Meizu M3 MAX, Meizu M2 Note, Meizu M2 Note CDMA version, meizu m2 CDMA version, Meizu M1 Note.

Flyme 6 Stable OS update features:

Add Sweep test, you can only scan a lots of item bank to get right answer easily.
Improve stability of OS completely, and optimize standby power consumption at the same time, bring more convenient user experience.
Enhance recognizing local install app, take game mode into force in time, make lifte smarter.

Upgrade Instruction
Flyme 6 Stable OS will push out to those users with Flyme 6 version and Flyme 5 latest public version already. Due to many models and versions, they will send notification for Update batch by batch, just be patient. You can go to official website for downloading to upgrade.

Flyme 5 CMDA version needs to upgrade to Latest Flyme 5 customized version from official site by manual, and then upgrades to Flyme 6 latest public version.

China Moible and Unicom versions can upgrade to Flyme 6 latest public version directly (Flyme 5 of Meizu M3E China Mobile version needs to latest customized version from official site, and then upgrade to Flyme 6 Latest public version, Meizu M3 Note China Mobile can’t support upgrading to Flyme 6 latest public version right now)

Those with close-in version please back up your data first and clear the data, then upgrade to Flyme 6 Stable version, because of degrading.
Those with Flyme beta version can directly upgrade this latest version of Flyme 6 stable, no need to clear the data.

Right now Meizu MX5 and Meizu MX6 will be listed on official site, and then release later, stay tuned. You can also download Flyme 6 stable OS here.


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