Meizu Flyme 7.2 Stable Delivered to the Beta Tester at the Fastest on January 8


We reported that Flyme 7.2 Stable, which is the latest version of Flyme OS developed and provided by Meizu, is under urgent development. As of now, the version released for many models is Flyme A Stable, so it will be a minor update where the UI will not change significantly and new features will be added mainly. This story is firmware for the Chinese market, it is not firmware for the international market.

Flyme 7.2 Stable will begin offering trial versions to some beta users who declared their participation and will help with actual smartphones on the actual machine. Participation method is a model on which a specific version is installed, open the update application and express your participation. Participation is between January 4th and January 8th in China time.

The main change of Flyme 7.2 Stable is to revise the new drive mode and voice assistant that sets up a personal assistant at the left end of the home launcher and provides an immersive driving experience. According to IT users’ feedback in the IT circle, the internal test version of Meizu 16 has been launched.

The following is a list of Meizu Flyme 7.2 stable trial adapter models:

Meizu 16th, Meizu 16th Plus, Meizu 16 X. Released on January 8th. Meizu E3, Meizu M6 Note, Meizu 15 Plus, Meizu 15, Meizu M 15, Meizu PRO 7 Plus, Meizu PRO 7 (MTK), Meizu PRO 7(Snapdragon). Meizu S6, Meizu M6, Meizu M5 Note, Meizu PRO 6 Plus, Meizu MX 6, Meizu PRO 6s, Meizu PRO 6, Meizu PRO 5, Meizu M1E, Meizu M3 Max, Meizu Note 8, Meizu X8. Received a trial version on the 15th.

Since models that are not listed above are synonymous with the end of support, those who use models that have a possibility to end support should be replaced with the models listed above. As a precaution, when updating from the stable version to the trial version, please perform the backup because disk formatting will be done.

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