Meizu Flyme 7 Experience Edition Update: Optimize 16 Series Super Night Scene, Add Colorful Display


Meizu Flyme 7 experience version updated on April 16th, mainly optimizes the 16 series super night scene photo imaging effect, and adds a color screen display, while also optimizing the intelligent clean memory logic to improve the smoothness of use.

Update log:
  • Function adjustment
  • •system
  • Optimize intelligent cleanup of memory logic to improve usage fluency (system default policy, no switch required to set)
  • Optimized 16 series super night photo imaging effect
  • 16 series / 15 Plus / 15 added colorful display
  • Path: Settings – Display and Brightness – Information Display – Display Style
  • Optimize Android N model application to open/exit animation effects
  • •phone Guardian

Mobile phone slimming and peace of mind to clean up the new network red video cleaning items (network red video refers to WeChat, QQ has browsed a certain broadcast value of the video)

  • Calendar notifications and reminders support the choice of floating and pop-up forms
  • Path: Calendar – Top right more – Settings – Notifications and reminders
  • Problem improvement
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  • Solve the problem that the cover of “music” cannot be displayed
  • Fix an issue where third-party fonts cannot be used
  • Solve the problem of “Mobile Phone Manager” flashback in some scenarios
  • Solve the problem that the right slide into the negative screen appears to be stuck
  • Solve the problem of the statistical error of the personal assistant’s mobile phone continuous use duration
  • After solving the exit driving mode, the status bar “driving mode is turned on” prompts that the problem does not disappear.

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