Meizu Flyme 8 Announced Four New Features: Each is Useful


Meizu is ready to begin to solve this problem. Before the Meizu engineer, Hong Hansheng said that many old technical experts have returned to Meizu, and then will focus on optimizing the mobile phone system and re-making the best mobile phone system. And this mobile phone system should be the new Flyme 8. From recent exposure, Flyme 8 is a step away from the release.

Recently, the four new heavy features of Flyme8 have been exposed on the Internet, and each one can be said to be very “frightening”. First of all, the first one is the simulation screen. From the literal Xiaozhi, I guess what the specific usage is, but from the three words of the official introduction of high speed, smoothness, and exquisiteness, it should be related to the refresh rate.

Perhaps it is possible to achieve a 90Hz refresh rate through software to improve fluency? The second item is the ultimate cooling mode. Needless to say, it is natural to increase the heat dissipation capacity of the mobile phone when it is running at high speed, and reach the limit, even if it is cool in summer. The third AI super clear view name is easy to understand, it is not clear where it is used, is it automatic HD?

The last one is amazing. The ultra-far zoom of the aggregate dot matrix can be understood as the zoom capability similar to that of the Huawei P30 Pro. By exposure, the Flyme8 can already achieve 60x zoom, which is 50 times higher than that of the Huawei P30 Pro. High, telescope? Just don’t know how the clarity is.

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How about it? Did the four new features of Flyme 8 surprise you? Xiaozhi personally feels quite awesome. Of course, Xiao Zhi believes that Flyme8 as a large version of the update, it should be far more than these four new features, if Flyme 8 Huang Zhang personally released it would be better. With the blessing of Flyme 8, Meizu mobile phone should rise?

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