Meizu Flyme Popular Features Adapt to Sony Phones For Chinese


Meizu Flyme is recognized as an excellent domestic ROM, and it is perfectly suitable for Chinese people in terms of user experience. As a foreign brand, the workmanship of Sony mobile phones is widely praised, but the built-in system is not very easy for domestic users to use. What kind of sparks will the combination of the two create?

In October last year, Meizu Flyme reached a cooperation with Sony Xperia, and the upgrade of Sony Xperia series mobile phones in the localized user experience has received a good response.

Today, Meizu Flyme announced: Meizu Flyme and Sony continue to promote the system experience upgrade of Xperia series mobile phones. Flyme’s popular features, including Aicy, Security Center, Gallery, etc., are now available on Xperia phones , providing a richer localized system experience for more Sony phone users. ​​​​

It is understood that in this system upgrade, the cooperation between Meizu and Sony continues to focus on the application adaptation of Flyme and the supplement to the localized experience of Xperia series mobile phones.

On the basis of maintaining the original ecological Android operating system, the new Sony Xperia not only pre-installed the application store, email, weather, and news information adapted by Flyme, but also added the negative screen, gallery, information, and intelligent voice adapted by Flyme for the first time for Xperia. Collaboration content of Assistant and Security Center.

The negative one screen provides a variety of quick and convenient entrances to facilitate users to access various information, such as information search, scan, payment code, courier tracking, to-do items, repayment and payment, etc.

The gallery provides a wealth of intelligent picture classification, puzzle and editing functions, such as intelligent picture classification according to face, affairs, location, time, etc., for easy search.

The information function adapted to Xperia provides automatic classification of notification SMS and personal SMS , and automatic extraction of SMS verification code, which is convenient for daily use.

When it is inconvenient to operate the phone by hand, the intelligent voice assistant provides users with convenient voice control methods, such as turning up the volume, brightening the brightness, making calls, sending WeChat, etc. When you are idle, you can chat with the Aicy assistant.

The security center allows users to filter spam text messages and spam calls more conveniently and quickly, keep the mobile phone system away from risks, and provide remote positioning assistance when the mobile phone cannot be found.

In order to allow more users to benefit from this Flyme application adaptation, the Sony Xperia PRO-I, Sony Xperia 1 III, and Sony Xperia 5 III of the micro single phone will embed a negative one-screen shortcut entry in the software upgrade version launched in the summer, Information, and Gallery features.

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