Meizu launches Lifeme BTS30 Speaker; A value for money deal


With the successful launch of Meizu’s MX6 earlier this month; Meizu suprised everyone the launch of a flipcase named ‘Loop Jacket’ and the portable speaker ‘Lifeme BTS30’.


So why does the title says ‘A VALUE FOR A MONEY DEAL‘? Scroll down to find out.

Let’s see whats this beast made of!

1. Behind the tech
The deal part comes in here.The Speaker comes with a Texas Instruments TPA3130 amplifier IC equipped with a 2200mAh battery that lasts for 7 hours.Together with the composite glass fiber diaphragm and the dual passive diaphragm radiators, the BTS30 delivers 3d surround sound which can rock your grooves. Meizu has made a strong claim saying ”Its made to the quality of 3000 Yuan or roughly 450$ speakers.”


2. The Design
The design of this speaker makes it stand out of the crowd. It looks old school, more like a transistor than a speaker but maintains its quality through a metal body and a premium design.
BTS30 comes with 3 buttons.The power button,  volume rocker and the third button allows you to answer calls from your connected phone.The good thing is ,it has an inbuilt microphone too & comes in basic colors of black and silver.

3. Connectivity

This speaker comes with Bluetooth 4.0 which allows you to wirelessly connect to your smartphone or any device with Bluetooth support. Coming to the ports, the speaker has 2 ports.One for standard audio input and another for DC power input (micro USB).


The BTS 30 speaker is available for just 50$ if you buy it with the MX6 flagship else it costs 69.99$ which is still a good price considering the features and the hardware quality that you are getting.

So would you consider buying this deal ?


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