Meizu LIVE Review, Quad Unit Drivers Wired Dynamic Earphone @Gearbest (Coupon inside)


Meizu is one of those brands that people tend to associate with a line of products, out of China is well known as one of the best cell phone manufacturers of Asia but, in fact, has a long history inside its origin country, they started businesses as company that produces Portable Audio Equipment for Audiophiles but within the years they enter in Mobile Phone Biz to became one of the top brands. Today is still working in the sound systems world, beside their new Cellphone flagship also announced a pair of headphones, the “Meizu Live” and “Meizu Flow Bass”, the first is the one we’re gonna talk about.


The Meizu Live is built with transparent polycarbonate with some metal details, while within them there are four mobile units of iron equipped with low, medium and high frequency reinforcements. In its accessories are seven different pairs of different sizes to fit the ears, also has an MMCX connector. This is not your regular IEM’s that you got for 20 dollars, we have high-end headphones in our hands with the look and feel of sound monitors for musicians.


In fact, we have a nice presentation. At first sight you can see a nicely done product for display at stores, in front of the box you a glimpse of your new headphones, a high contrast picture of the Meizu’s Live, in the back the features and specs are listed your inner nerdy you and the list of accs you got. Yes, the info is in Chinese.

Package Contents: 1 x pair of earphones, 7 x pair of ear tips, 1 x English user manual (international version), 1 x set of replaceable nozzles, 1 x plastic carrying case.


Part of their features is the mix of transparent polycarbonate and metal parts constructed using metal powder metallurgy, that is used to protect the modular design of the components. Inside the earphones are four precisely engineered balanced armature unit drivers which has low-frequency and medium and high-frequency sound boxes.

The modular design doesn’t stop in the internals, also, the 1.2m cable is removable, which is high-quality wire with 8 high-purity silver plated OFC core weaving, low resistance to ensure high-quality signal transmission. In order to secure both ends uses an MMCX connector and comes with replaceable tuning nozzles that allow you to change the frequency as you deem fit, this cable by itself cost around 30 usd.


– Frequency response: 20 – 40KHz
– Impedance: 18ohms
– Sensitivity: 97dB


The brand made a great job with the Meizu Live, bring great audio performance with them and took a big step to aim the audiophile market. With a flat response this IEM’s need good audio source FLAC or HighRes audio files because this is not your regular headphones, in order to achieve full performance also a good audio decoder is need it.

It’s the first time that we have a modular nozzles, usually you can change the earbuds in order to achieve the better sound (in the box you will find a foam with with 7 pairs of earbuds), is a great touch from Meizu that they included to pair of replaceable nozzles.


If you want to achieve Shure’s SE846 sound quality then Meizu Live is for you, the same performance for less the half the price, recently announced but today hit presale on Gearbest, spend only $174.58 using GBCE as coupon to expend even less than the regular price.

Update on June 21, 2018
Here is Coupon code: GBmidyear2018  for  Meizu Live   at $184.16 now, only valid before June 30, limited for 200 pcs.



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      yes, because the coupon has ended,
      Update on June 21, 2018
      Here is Coupon code: GBmidyear2018  for  Meizu Live   at $184.16 now, only valid before June 30, limited for 200 pcs.

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