Meizu M5 VS Xiaomi Redmi 3S Review, Which one is Better?


Yesterday Meizu has released Meizu M5, the new budget smartphone in Meilan series at 699 yuan, $100. In terms of price, it is similar to Xiaomi Redmi 3s, so which one is better? First, we need to compare them by their specs to see some difference.


According to Meizu M5 and Xiaomi Redmi 3S hardware comparison, both smartphone have same price with great competition. They keep same in screen resolution, storage, camera, network and price, but the main difference between them is the processor, battery capacity and special features. Let’s compare their design, performance, OS, etc.




Meizu M5 and Xiaomi Redmi 3s have nice design, the difference is that Meizu M5 uses polycarbonate material and front fingerprint scanner, and it also adds 2.5D curved glass to make it more beautiful than Xiaomi Redmi 3s.


Redmi 3s uses all metal unibody, the front design looks like Redmi Note 3, and it can be the mini version of Redmi Note 3 in terms of design without some innovation. The back adopts the traditional three-step design. The Redmi 3s also added the white panel, which looks more fashion. There is no red display under the screen.

In terms of design, Meizu M5 has more beauty than Redmi 3s, but it uses plastic material which makes us not so acceptable, but if you don’t consider the material, Meizu M5 is more beautiful one, what do you think?


As two budget Chinese smartphone, they both have used similar hardware. Meizu M5 is powered by MT6750 Octa core processor, RAM 2GB ROM 16GB and RAM 3GB ROM 32GB, but Xiaomi Redmi 3S is powered by Snapdragon 430 Octa core processor, built in RAM 2GB ROM 16GB and RAM 3GB ROM 32GB two versions.

As for which one is more powerful between MT6750 and Snapdragon 430, let’s see Antutu test.



Meizu M5 has got 40,612 antutu scores.


But Xiaomi Redmi 3s has got 42175 antutu scores. So according to comparison, Redmi 3s shows a little higher antutu scores, but no big difference, they both have similar performance.


As for network, Meizu M5 supports netcom, dual SIM card, VOLTE voice call, and 128GB TF card expansion, as for an entry phone, it has nice network support.

But Redmi 3s can also support netcom, dual SIM card, dual standby, TF card expansion, they have no big difference in network, but Redmi 3s does’t support VoLTE high definition voice call.


In battery life, Redmi 3s is equipped with 4,100mAh big battery to support QC3.0 quick charge which can use for 3 to 4 days under the light use, and 2 days for mid use with excellent battery life. But Meizu M5 is built in 3070mAh battery, compared with Redmi 3s, the gap is obvious.



Meizu m5 camera


Xiaomi redmi 3s camera

In camera aspect, Redmi 3s and Meizu M5 both come with front 5MP and 13MP back camera, both support PDAF, so they are even in camera.

Other Features

Meizu M5 and Redmi 3s both support fingerprint scanner, but they will have different experience. Meizu M5 uses front press fingerprint scanner module, Redmi 3s has it on the back, Meizu M5 fingerprint module integrated mBack button to achieve interaction between human and android phones.


We know Meizu M5 and Redmi 3s both have its own advantages, but in all, Meizu M5 has such advantages as 2.5D curved glass, front fingerprint scanner, and more beautiful, but Redmi 3s is famous for battery life and metal design, so if you care more about battery life, Redmi 3s is your first choice, but if you attach more importance to the appearance, how about Meizu M5?

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