MEIZU M5S Smartphone with 3GB RAM & 16GB ROM For Just $89.99 at @CooliCool


Meizu is still a fairly young brand. However, Android smartphones have been in production since 2011, so it’s not a newcomer. He uses a massive superstructure on his phones. For many, these phones are forbidden and unusable. The other camp, on the contrary, loves these phones. Meizu M5s is a complete Android smartphone, which does not have much to envy to the most advanced devices.

Meizu M5s has improved mCharge technology that provides bi-directional charging with a power of up to 18 watts. For 30 minutes of charging, you will restore up to 56% of the battery capacity, which on average 60% exceeds the charging rates of other similar devices.

Meizu M5s has an IPS-matrix of diagonal of 5.2 inches. HD resolution ensures sufficient detail. A natural color rendition for the comfortable perception of information is provided by the intelligent system of the OS Flyme, which adjusts the brightness of the backlight, which preserves your vision. Curved glass 2.5D provides a clear and natural transmission of hues.

Look more stylish and modern. Meizu M5s allows all-metal case. Made of aluminum alloy and laser-treated, the case not only looks stunning in any of the color solutions but also copes well with the function of protecting the electronic filing.

Meizu M5s has a 64-bit processor and 8 cores. Fast work is provided in all applications, and optimized power consumption saves battery power. For multitasking, the model is equipped with 3 GB of RAM. M5s works with a wide range of mobile communication frequencies, including the current versions of 4G. 18 frequencies will allow you to make calls without problems, send voice messages and clearly hear the interlocutor. High-quality HD sound is supported.

The Meizu M5s is equipped with a 13 Mp photo module and 5-cell optics. The aperture value is f / 2.2. The processing of the image is answered by the processor built into the camera, and the clarity is provided by the high-speed phase autofocus of Sony. Quality photos will come out even under poor lighting conditions. For the shooting of Selfie and videoconferencing meets the front camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels. Aperture f / 2.0 will make beautiful portrait shots.

The smartphone is equipped with a built-in 3000 mAh battery with an advanced controller. Intelligent power consumption mode guarantees a long battery life, and modern technology has allowed keeping the compact dimensions of the case. In the Flyme shell, there is support for energy saving scenarios.

Your personal data will be securely protected with a fingerprint scanner. mTouch works reliably and quickly. It is built into the main “home” button, so you do not need to look for the scanner. You can both protect access to the phone as a whole, and implement access control only to selected applications. Right Now we can buy Meizu M5s from CooliCool at $89.99 in Flash Sale.


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