Meizu M6 Note Smartphone Design, Hardware, Camera, OS Review


This year Meizu has reduced its frequency to release new models, this year, Meizu just released one flagship, Meizu Pro 7 and a new model in Meilan series, Meizu M6 Note, today we will make review about Meizu M6 Note which is the first dual rear camera and Qualcomm processor smartphone, let’s talk about its specs in general, it is powered by Snapdragon 625 processor, in addition, it has RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage, adopting 5.5 inch 1080P screen, built in 4,000mAh battery, supporting 18W quick charge, preinstalling Flyme 6 OS based on Android 7.1 OS.

In camera, it has 16MP front camera, dual rear camera design, the main camera has Sony IMX362 sensor, 12MP, F/1.9 aperture, 1.4um, supporting dual core and focus technology, the other back camera has 5MP.


Meizu M6 Note has some new idea in details, such as edges, CNC metal cutting, and back Chamfer Angle processing, which makes us remind of HTC 10 design, but better than HTC 10 in visual and grip feeling.

On the front design, it has a 2.5D glass covered the screen, which brings better watching feeling and grip feeling, in addition, Meizu M6 Note adopts floating screen design, looking floating, from the left to right on the top is the light and proximity sensor, receiver and front camera, at the bottom is the mBack.

The flashlight is made on the antenna line, and it has four LED lights, two more than common phones. It has combined the antenna line with Led flash light, which can reduce a port, and makes the back look more comfortable.

Meizu M6 Note is the first phone to have dual rear camera, adopting vertical design, in all, in design, craftsmanship, grip feeling, Meizu M6 Note has excellent level.


Besides Snapdragon processor, the other surprise is dual rear camera, it has 16MP Front camera, F/2.0 aperture, it supports more natural beautification effect. And it is the first dual rear camera smartphone in Meizu blue charm series, it has 12MP 6P, F/1.9+5MP 5P Lens, F/1.9 aperture dual rear camera, the main back camera is in charge of imaging, the second back camera is in charge of recording the distance among different objects.

As for software, it added Arcsoft for better blurring algorithm, making blur the background more real, in addition, it has de-noise function. Most surprised, its 12MP main camera uses Sony IMX362/Samsung 2L sensor, 1.4μm big pixel, which can capture more light source, improving the image quality under dim light. The sensor can also support Dual PD focus function, as fast as 0.03s for focusing.


Daylight image performance

Meizu M6 Note has similar performance as previous models in daylight, which has bright and vibrant image color.

In micro distance, we can feel the advantage of Dual PD all pixels, under the good light, it can have good user experience.

Under dim light, it can keep the high purity about its sample, which can control noise well.

IMX362 sensor advantage has been verified completely in night scene, in general, Meizu M6 Note has very good image experience, compared with phones at similar price.


Meizu has made agreement with Qualcomm to decide to use Snapdragon 625 processor on Meizu M6 Note, which adopts first 14nm FinFET process, its power consumption has been reduced 35% than last generation, which will bring better user experience to avoid large power consumption.

In Antutu test, Meizu M6 Note has got 62,512 points, improving up to 40%, in Geekbench, it has got 848 points in single core and 4215 points in multi-core, improving up to 30% and 180%.

The flash storage 4K reading speed is 69.0MB/s, 18.03MB/s,belonging to popular eMMC 5.X level.

In all, Snapdragon 625 processor of Meizu M6 Note is the biggest surprise for Meizu fans.


Meizu M6 Note runs Flyme 6.1.4 based on Android 7.1.2, which is one of the best customized ROM in China, we believe most users have experienced it.


Therefore, Meizu M6 Note has brought much surprise, it has very good performance in specs, performance, camera, system, right now you can enjoy Meizu M6 Note at $219 from Banggood.


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