Meizu M6 Premium Quality Smartphone Design, Hardware, Features, Antutu Review


Chinese company MEIZU introduced a new budget smartphone MEIZU M6, which is the heir of the MEIZU M5 model and received a compact body, a 5.2-inch display, a fast fingerprint scanner, an improved front camera and a capacious battery that offers long battery life from one charge. Meizu M6 – the heir of the super-hit sales in China with a very good combination of price, performance, and design – smartphone Meizu M5. Combining all the advantages of Meizu smartphones at the most affordable price from the “M” line, the novelty has a compact case, a 5.2 “diagonal display, a fast fingerprint scanner, an improved front camera and a capacious battery that offers long battery life from one charge. And also an updated design of the back cover, similar to the flagship models!


Well talking design, like what we said at the beginning, elegant impression brought by Meizu M6, which is maximized with 3 choices of premium colors, Champagne Gold, Moonlight Silver, Electric Light Blue, and Matte Black. Body weight is also lightweight with 143 grams, a slim with dimensions of 148.2 × 72.8 × 8.3mm. MEIZU M6 has a monolithic compact body made of high-quality durable polycarbonate with special paint, similar to metal, and supports work with two SIM-cards. Both slots support work with 4G networks, and instead of the second SIM card, you can insert a microSD memory card with a capacity of up to 128 GB, thus expanding the internal memory of the device in 16 GB or 32 GB.


Meizu M6 is equipped with a bright and colorful 5.2 “IPS-display with HD-resolution, made using the technology” GFF full lamination “, with protection from scratches with tempered glass with 2.5D effect. An LCD screen with a “fair for the price” 720p resolution. Picture quality looks great, with natural colors and pleasing contrast and unusually high brightness for a budget blower. What’s even better is that the panel’s color temperature can be tweaked a bit, allowing for warmer or cooler tones. There’s also a blue-light filter mode that adds a yellow tint to the screen to minimize eye strain.

The bezels on the sides are sufficiently thin the ones above and below the display, meanwhile, look acceptable for a phone in any price range. A familiar mechanical home button lives on the bottom bezel. There are no keys — capacitive or otherwise — flanking it.

Which means the M6 continues Meizu’s trend of sticking to one button for navigation. Pressing it once brings you to the home screen while tapping it will take you back one screen. Additionally, swiping up from the left or right of the bottom of the display allows you to switch between apps without having to return to the home screen.


The heart of the novelty was the 8-core processor MediaTek MT6750N Cortex A53 with a frequency of up to 1.5GHz. For the speed of the smartphone meet the graphics module Mali T860 and 2 GB or 3 GB of RAM LPDDR3. The amount of internal memory is 16 GB or 32 GB. As a new generation of Meizu mobile phone, M6 is the same with the previous generation of M5, MT6750 eight-core processor, Meizu is already linked to three mobile phone using the MT6750 processor. In the general overcapacity of the status quo, Meizu may think that this processor enough For Users. In this part, we will come back to analyze the processor, to see its performance in the current performance of the hardware rankings in what position.

Meizu M6 equipped with the MT6750 using 28nm process technology, eight-core 64-bit A53 architecture, positioning in the low-end product line, the main low-power and all-Netcom, 4G+ function. Although it is still a low-end mobile phone product line for the chip, compared to its previous generation M5, MT6735 or no small progress. Processor CPU part of the four A53 core upgrade to eight A53 core, the highest frequency to 1.5GHz, GPU part of the ARM Mali-860 MP2, clocked at 350MHz. In addition, the chip integrates LTE Cat6 Modem, which is to support dual-carrier aggregation, VoLTE high-definition voice calls, the whole network features, compared to the quad-core MT6735, with a comprehensive upgrade. Look at the actual performance of the Meizu M6 in Antutu.

Meizu M6 Antutu score

In the Antutu running test, the Meizu M5 made 38,781 points and Meizu M6 Made 39,793. In the previous generation of the processor, we have the MT6750 and positioning similar to the Snapdragon 616 done a comparative test.

Meizu M6 GeekBench Score

Meizu M6 PCmark score

Meizu M6 3Dmark score

Performance from the run point of view, the use of MT6750 performance in the performance of a certain advantage, for the daily application can be a good meet. Compared to the previous generation MT6735, its performance increased by about 30%. In addition, MediaTek MT6750 in terms of power control is very good.

Meizu Flyme 6 OS

Meizu M6 runs on Android 7 under the control of its own Flyme 6 UI. The highly accurate Flyme OS completely changes the standard Android interface, making it more friendly and easy to learn even by an unprepared user. Flyme offers convenient management of gestures, various styles of themes, the ability to back up settings and user data, as well as useful full-featured options like recording calls, built-in antivirus in the application Security or blocking the launch of any installed application by a digital password or fingerprint. Meizu M6 received the technology One Mind, previously available only in the flagship models, allowing to accelerate the launch of the most frequently used applications.

In the Meizu M6 on the Flyme 6 color also maintain the original bright colors with, looks more young, more dynamic. Flyme 6 comes with the application of the interface design is still continued Flyme 5 immersion design, coupled with Flyme6’s new color gives a refreshing feeling, the color is a major feature of Flyme 6, the color is more rich and richer, plus Flyme 6 system more than 200 New animation effect, bring out the taste of young fashion.

Flyme 6 system has many operating gestures to be retained, Meizu Flyme 6 task manager is also through the bottom of the screen on the slide start, the task manager interface is still a card design, from Flyme 5 up and down into a sliding switch, and in the task Manager added a fuzzy function, you can also open the task manager in the split screen function, more importantly, in the Task Manager will display the memory footprint of each application, allowing users to know which application takes up more memory, You can give priority to these applications. A key to clear the background application function has also been a small improvement, reducing the memory when the removal of the animation, greatly enhance the removal of memory is the speed of action.

Flyme 6 drop-down message bar to join the new notification of intelligent storage function, this feature can be for some unimportant messages are not displayed, Flyme 6 can automatically identify the unimportant disappearance, this is based on user habits to distinguish, the user can inform the intelligence Storage settings for some commonly used applications can be set for all messages are displayed. This design can greatly reduce the number of unnecessary notification of news harassment, especially some advertising messages, this design allows the phone to drop the notification notice is the user wants to notice.

Flyme6 also provides security is the process of border defense function, when the open Alipay, WeChat, mobile banking time will provide data protection, to prevent important banks to pay information disclosure. In the password protection, Meizu Flyme 6 system to join the new password keyboard, anti-screen, video, to avoid third-party applications to read the system, such as keyboard cache security strategy to provide a more secure mobile phone use environment. Flyme 6 for mobile phone security has also joined a lot of new features, before Flyme 5 already harassed telephone SMS interception function, the Flyme 6 more into the pseudo-base station interception function, when there are pseudo-base station connection system will have pseudo-base station to intercept the reminder, Meizu development algorithm can effectively block the pseudo-base station, and has a large base station data, constantly updated, to enhance the efficiency of pseudo-base station interception.

The other is the parallel space, Meizu Flyme 6 joined the privacy model, guest mode and children mode, privacy mode and guest mode can not only through the password switch also be through the fingerprint switch, in privacy mode can be for contacts, applications, files Encryption, in the normal mode cannot access the privacy mode encryption information and documents, to provide users with privacy security. In guest mode, you can set up visitors to access applications and files, effectively prevent others from borrowing mobile phones lead to privacy disclosure.


The main camera Meizu M6 has a resolution of 13Mp and module Sony IMX278, is capable of shooting video at 1080p, and the photo – with a frequency of up to 30 frames per second. The quick focus will not let you miss an important moment in life and save it on your smartphone. Rear Camera support F / 2.2 aperture, single pixel is 1.2μm, fill light is still a two-color warm light, also supports PDAF focus. Sony IMX278 sensor by adding a colorless filter on the filter area, so that CMOS can accept more external light. In the software algorithm level, the charm of blue 6 also joined the multi-frame noise reduction technology, with two-color warm flash and / / 2.22 aperture, in the dark environment, the camera is also a lot of colors. Rear Camera, the Meizu M6 in the software also provides panoramic shooting, slow motion, GIF animation and other camera functions, and metering renamed manual metering. When the object is contrasted with the surrounding environment, you can focus on the subject, and then manually adjust the required light. Also considered a very useful function.

And the front camera received an updated 8 Mp module and is ideal for fans of shooting “selfie”, boasts the availability of various filters for optimizing the image in real time, even before the shutter button is pressed. Front Camera with f2.0 large aperture, into the light more, more clear picture quality. Self-timer, in the Flyme carefully tuned rainbow soft beauty algorithm, each self-film into a higher rate. Charm Blue 6 support real-time beauty, to provide intelligent beauty and advanced beauty mode, you can set a different beauty effect, but also fit the needs of female users self-timer.

Night scenes in the small scene performance are ideal, the details can be a good performance, light and dark natural, but the big scene under the Meizu M6 night shooting effect is not very ideal, more noise, and a strong smear.


Speaking of the home button, it has a fingerprint reader embedded into it, which other than unlocking the unit can also be used for securing apps and their data. Y’know, if you don’t want anyone snooping on your messages and online activity. Another thing: The sensor isn’t active while the screen is off, so you’d have to press the home button to unlock the phone.


Meizu M6 supports work with satellite systems GPS and GLONASS, includes interfaces for wireless communication BlueTooth 4.1 LE and WiFi (2.4 / 5GHz), can easily reproduce audio and video files of any format, without installing third-party codecs or players.


Meizu M6 uses a 3070mAh battery while using a low-power MT6750 processor, coupled with the Flyme system optimization, in terms of life has a very good performance. Through the PCMark test can be seen, Meizu M6 from 100% of the electricity to run to 20% of the electricity takes 5 hours and 20 minutes, life recognition on the market with the price of the product even better.


Meizu M6 in the design has been a big change, bringing a more beautiful design and metal texture, but also the polycarbonate shell to the extreme. Meizu M6 has a larger screen and the use of larger batteries, as the entry-level mobile phone Meizu M6 all aspects of the performance is very good, of course, the price of 699 yuan ($106) has a good price. The Meizu M6, launched in China on September 25, available in four colors: Champagne Gold, Moonlight Silver, Electric Light Blue, and Matte Black.

Update on September 25, 2017
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