Meizu Meilan U10/U20 Smartphone Released With Dual Glass at $166


It’s known to all that Xiaomi will release the new Redmi smartphone, in order to compete with Xiaomi, Meizu has released two Meilan smartphone, Meizu U10 and Meizu U20 in advance. This two smartphones keep the same style in design. Meizu U10 and Meizu U20 both use dual glass and metal body. The former has 5inch, and the latter has 5.5inch 1080p screen, running Yun OS.


In addition, Meizu U10 and U20 both are powered by Octa core processor, and RAM 2GB ROM 16GB, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB option, and dual camera with 5MP front camera and 13MP back camera, but U10 has 2760mAh battery, and U20 with 3260mAh battery. Meanwhile, they both support China mobile, unicom, and telecommunications 4G LTE.

Meizu U10 and U20 can support fingerprint scanner, mTouch 2.1 function that can achieve fingerprint unlocking, Alipay payment, Flyme apps encryption feature.

As for price, Meizu U20 sells at 1099 yuan, $183 for ROM 16GB and 1299 yuan, $216 for ROM 32GB, start to sell on August 28 offline, and August 29 online. However, Meizu U10 ROM 16GB at 999 yuan, $166, and ROM 32GB at 1099 yuan, $183, starting to sell officially on September 18.  And they both have white, black, golden and rose gold options. You can enjoy coupon code: GB9% to catch Meizu U20 at $168.61


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