Meizu MX6 Package Box First Expose to Prove its Coming on June 20


Meizu has confirmed to release Meizu M3S smartphone on June 13. But we also want to know when they release Meizu MX6 high-end smartphone. And it has already released Meizu Pro 6 smartphone, Meizu M3 Note and Meizu M3 three smartphones in April. Only the latest news about the mid-range smartphone, Meizu M3 is coming for us. So it will not attract so much high-end consumers. But where are the Meizu MX6 and Meizu Metal 2?


According the latest news, Meizu MX6 has confirmed to released in the next coming half year 2016. Namely, it will be possible to come out in this month on June 20. Right now the netizen has shown the package of Meizu MX6. It’s very simple in design, and there is MX6 and MEIZU Logo on the front . It’s first time to show this kind of real box.


However, as for when Meizu mx6 releases and what kind of performance it will take, we still have no more news. After all, we have seen the real box of Meizu MX6. So there must be more news about it soon. Stay tuned.


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