Meizu New Smart Router 200㎡ Ultimate Edition Unboxing Review


When Meizu released its mid-range smartphone, Meizu M3S, they has also released a brand new router, Meizu Smart Router Ultimate version at $35, 199 yuan on June 13. Now we would like to share the unboxing review about this exquisite Meizu Smart router.

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Compared with Meizu Router mini version, this one uses the square design instead of round one with dual antenna style and white color. We can see a big Meizu logo on the front top. It has provided one Wan port, two Lan ports and supports USB expansion. This Meizu new router has improved 25% more signal than the common one, it claims it can cover 200㎡ space and supports 802.11ac wifi, the transmission speed is three times more than the common one. We can download warcraft movie in 90 seconds. As for its function, the ultimate version can support one key to surf the Internet, remote control computer to turn on or off, remove ads in video, and filter ads of Internet. In addition, it has plug-in available.

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Right now this Meizu New router ultimate version will start to sell in Meizu official website and JD website first on June 20. It has lucky price at 199 yuan, almost 35usd, there is other good news that you can order it with Meizu m3s only at 159 yuan, almost $30, save more now. If you like the round Meizu Smart router, it only takes at $16.22 now.


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