Meizu Officially Announced Flyme 6 OS: Function, Design, Security Improvement


After Meizu released Meizu X smartphone, Meizu has also released the brand new Flyme 6 OS, its vice CEO, Yang Yin shows the new Flyme 6 OS will have big improvement in function, design and security. Flyme 5 has got good feedback, hope users will focus on the content itself based on Flyme 6 OS. The new main color is more coordinated, the words change is better for reading, Action View will show the rich dynamic effect, too under the low resource consumption, and the enhanced over 200 animation effects to make Flyme 6 simple and elegant.


Meizu has redesigned the charging animation in Flyme 6 OS. In security, Meizu has brought the parallel space and  pseudo base station defense function. The parallel space supports different fingerprint scanner to access different interface.It adopts unique algorithm to keep the data secure to support three spaces like normal, visitor, private, which can get in fingerprint scanner without detection.  The different private photos, contact persons and files and apps of algorithm encryption users can not check the relative application content by any way between parallel space to keep data private. Meanwhile, it comes with kids mode, reaching application hidden, anti-addicted mode and other function.


Flyme 6 OS has the function with lost phone back, even users changed the sim card, it can upload the new phone number, lost mode to automatically upload and backup contact persons.


In Payment security, Flyme 6 can detect the potential threat to close other channels except payment, in addition, it has added the website and payment secure monitor, Wechat Spam clear, Wechat transfer, cloud service time machine, distant assistant, voice enter accuracy and correction improvement, Flyme camera beautification, app store recommendation, rich music radio, panoramic photo albums, satellite maps, replacement assistant, note, time reminder and other more than 400 new features.



Flyme 6 today starts to do beta version and then officially test on December 30, it is compatible with Meizu PRO 6s/PRO 6/MX6/Pro5/MX5/MX4 pro/MX4/Meizu U20/U10/M3E in 20 models.


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