Meizu Pro 6 Plus Will feature Exynos 8890, RAM 6GB Coming in June


When we are addicted to the ZUK Z2 press conference, a users on Weibo exposed a new smartphone from Meizu that they will release Meizu Pro 6 plus by the end of June. So we can confirm there are two concerts from Meizu next month.


We can’t confirm more details about Meizu Pro 6 plus, but we have seen the semicircle home button with fingerprint scanner, and we can see the top head is a little narrow with certain curve. We can see from the side the curve screen, so it is estimated it will be the phone with curved screen exposed before.

According to the latest news,Meizu Pro 6 Plus will be powered by the latest Samsung Exynos 8890 processor, it’s possible to use RAM 6GB, as for the screen to body ratio and other details, we need to wait for more news. Just stay tuned in June.


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