Meizu Pro 7 Curved Screen Flagship Unveiled: Amazing All Metal Back Design


There is much news about Meizu next flagship smartphone, Meizu PRO 7 , right now a netizen has unveiled rumored Meizu Pro 7 curved flagship smartphone. According  to unveiled photos, the curved screen is a little large, and the black frame is also very narrow, looking like the style of Meizu. And we can also see the round antenna line on the back which is the standard design of Meizu all metal flagship smartphone.

On the side curved part, it can do multi-tasking which is very easy to operate. Meanwhile, Meizu Pro 7 will use 5.7 inch Titanium alloy metal, which is better than other smartphones with metal design.

As for specs, Meizu PRO 7 will be likely to have 4K screen, powered by Mediatek Deca core 2.5GHz processor, RAM 8GB, 12MP back camera and 5,000mAh battery. It’s worthwhile to know that Meizu Pro 7 will still use Mediatek processor, which may make some users disappointed. About its price, Meizu Pro 7 will may sell at least 3,000 yuan, $500. So about this kind of Meizu Pro 7, what d o you think?


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