Meizu Pro 7 Processor Will Possibly Use Snapdragon Processor


According to previous product lineup about Meizu 2017, Meizu will release flagship smartphone, Meizu Pro 7 in June, 2017, which aims at high-end market, it is said it will use Helio X30 processor from Mediatek, as for Snapdragon chipset, Meizu may use it on their phone at the end of this year. But Meizu Pro 7 has not been sure to use Snapdragon chipset or not.

From a whistle-blower, @Xiongben Technology on Weibo, Meizu Pro 7 will not use Helio processor or Samsung processor, and it will be released in June, 2017, therefore, this smartphone will be very likely to use Snapdragon processor.

Besides Qualcomm processor, Huawei Hisilicon processor will be also a possibility. After developing many years, Huawei Kirin 9 series processor can compare with Qualcomm, but until now it can’t be used on other brands abroad.

Therefore, Meizu Pro 7 will be very likely to use Snapdragon processor, according to Industry analysts, @Moon on Grass, due to production issue, Helio X30 processor with TSMC 10nm processing has been delayed for three months. Therefore, those using Helio X30 processor will be released in Q2, 2017. Meizu Pro 7 will be possible not to use it.


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